Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Office Makeover

I started working on our office in October.  Finding this $2.00 Chandelier started it all.  It's been slow moving and there are still some technical/wire things that have to be taken care of, but the hubby is not cooperating.  So I figured I would show you were we are at. 

This picture below is the office the day we moved in.

The picture below is of the same angle as above.  We bought 5 filing cabinets and used a marble slab to make a desk and area for the printer.  The intention had been for each of us to have our own side of the desk, but that changed quickly with my husbands budding DJ hobby.  The way the picture below looks was very typical as to the condition of the space.  Everything, I mean everything was dumped here.  Our house was built in 1955, meaning no attic and NO closet space.  It was a junk room and quite embarrassing. It is off of the kitchen and typically our guests gravitate to this space.  I think its the idea of the DJ equipment and the computer that draws them in.

While my husband was away on business my sisters and I headed to Ikea and we found this kitchen counter top and thought it would be perfect for a desk top.  I was using my inspiration pictures for ideas.  We managed to load and unload it and bring it into the house. It is super heavy.  We also managed to move the tombstone DJ equipment out of the way and we rearranged the office.  The room instantly opened up and felt so much bigger.  I don't think we realized how much space our desk was taking up.  The picture below is of the office right now.   I added Ikea curtains, new Ikea pillows, a rug, a thrift store lamp on my found side table, and a wrought iron stool. 

The desk is now along the wall and the DJ equipment is sitting on the same wall.  I would love to paint the filing cabinets white, but I am so not in the mood to undertake that project by myself.  The picture below is the section that is the 'desk'.  My cork boards are right over the desk.  I painted the walls Sherwin Williams Extra White for a crisp white look. 

I also started a gallery wall using my book page wreath and my $0.50 mirrors as the starting off points. I may want to tweak this a bit, or add on as time passes.  

So here is the after again.  I am so happy with how it has all turned out. It is a completely different room.  I was able to work with what I already had.  The black couch, black office chair, and filing cabinets were existing in the room.  Even though, I actually wanted to get rid of all those features, I'm glad they stayed.  The best part is that I did not spend a lot to fix this room. 

The before...

and after...
What do you think?

Edit post:  I joined a linky party at Findind Fabulous and Tater Tots & Jello.  Thank you for stopping by.


Rashon Carraway 1/05/2011  

I really like this space. The chrome leather love seat looks great.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Kim@Chattafabulous 1/05/2011  

Boy, you got busy! I think it looks fantastic - and to think you got all of that from a light fixture! Great great job!

Danielle Oakey Interiors 1/05/2011  

i can't even believe it is the same space, speechless!

Dwellings by DeVore 1/05/2011  

Great Job!! I love the color scheme and that new light fixture!

Tara Lauren 1/05/2011  

It looks fabulous! Great job!

Sarah, Three Boys 1/05/2011  

OH MY! That is amazing! I love it. Thanks for stopping by Threeboys:)

Anna@Directions Not Included 1/05/2011  

It looks great!! What a difference moving some furniture around and some simple purchases can make. Love it!

Unknown 1/05/2011  

Fantastic Work! The interior design is sober and elegant, and all your DIY porjects togheter look fabulous! Really really Chic & Posh! XoXo

Joi 1/05/2011  

Wow! It looks great--so sophisticated!!

Elle 1/05/2011  

After you left that comment at Memoirs of a Wannabe Gypsy, I just had to see who the bidet-lover is :) I love this office space! So crisp and clean and a good mix of masculine and feminine. Great job! (Even for a bidet-lover!)

danielle @ take heart 1/06/2011  

this is amazing! i LOVE it, friend!

Amy @ Journey Mum 1/06/2011  

Your office transformation is great! Gotta love making changes while the hubby is away, I am a big fan of that. ;)
We swapped our dining and office spaces a few months ago but life is so busy that I haven't managed to get to the decorating stage in the new space. Now you've got me thinking about it again!

Julie 1/07/2011  

It looks great. Love the ceiling!

Grammy Goodwill 1/07/2011  

You did a good job. It looks great.

Ashley @ Joyful Creations 1/07/2011  

I love your office! Great job. Those pillows on the love seat are very pretty.

SkinnyMeg 1/08/2011  

Wow it looks great! Very creative to use a kitchen counter for a desk and I love your wreath and mirrors!

Elizabeth 1/10/2011  

Looks great! I need to redo our office BADLY! Would love for you to come visit me at Sew Chatty and link up to Made With Love Monday! The party will be open all week if you'd like to link up multiple projects. Have a great day!

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum} 1/19/2011  

wow -- huge transformation!!! looks so great!

LadySmith@CashmereandCarrotSticks 1/19/2011  

looks great. our office is next on my list. we got a built in last may which is phenomenal with two desk built into it but it is lacking decor as it is all cream and very washed out right now.

Creative Escapes 2/05/2011  

I love your office. I wanted to let you know, i've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. Check it out at:

Clinton Harvin 7/25/2011  

Your office has never been so awesome! The color's very bold and modern. I actually find myself working in this kind of office. Surely, hubby will be surprised when he sees this.

Virtual Offices 8/29/2012  

Your furnishings are just fabulous! Congratulations on a job well done!

Executive office experts 8/30/2012  

It looks, for the lack of a better adjective, awesome! You have certainly did a lot of work in there. Thanks for sharing.

Miller 11/19/2015  

Looks like this one would be super comfortable for long hours of work.I love the desk and chair you picked. I really need to get to work on my office. visit my site

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