Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week-End Finds

This weeks week-end finds will actually be dedicated to my mom and I finding the coolest vintage store that our area has to offer. The prices were insanely high, but it was fun to look and dream. They had vintage Knoll chairs, a gorgeous shelf from a Cathedral in Europe, and some of the most beautiful Mid-Century pieces I've seen. I am leaning towards Mid-Century pieces these days and just wish that I had space in my house.  The store is Las Tias in the Midtown Miami area.  Here are some of our finds (unfortunately, none came home with us).

This bench was sold. I actually am on the hunt for a bench for the foot of my bed. 

This buffet table was just gorgeous.  The over $1,000 price tag not so much.  But I want this.

This acrylic table and bench were so cool. The flowers on the bench were beautiful. I could totally see this at the foot of my bed, and the width was perfect.

These bar stools were super nice and the end table next to them was great.

 I loved this end table (sorry so dark).

This little stool is gorgeous.  The matching love seat was perfect.  The stool was $300.00.

Here's the matching love seat. So pretty! If the stool was $300, imagine the love seat.

I would have to say this was my favorite piece in the store. I am looking for something like this to replace an Ikea coffee table in my living room.  Beautiful modern mid-century design. The wood color is perfect. Wow, but at $1,100 there was NO chance.  Maybe $100? no, probably not even for $100.

Now, don't these lamps above remind you of the lamp I got at Goodwill for $4.00 seen below.  The one on the right was listed for $110.00 (I didn't even look at the one on the left). Makes me so proud!

This is the only thing we came home with on Friday. After leaving Las Tias we headed over to good old trusty Goodwill and my mom found this huge tray thing for $5.00. It's pretty banged up, but she's thinking of stripping it and distressing it even more. My parents house is very modern so this rustic looking piece will be a great accent. I love it! I wish I had seen it first!
Have you had any good finds?


A Flair for Vintage Decor 1/25/2011  

Great finds!! My favorite is the mid-century mod coffee table...but I agree 1,000 is a lot!! Take care, Caroline

Rashon Carraway 1/25/2011  

The acrylic coffee table is my favorite. Great stuff.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

KLM 1/25/2011  

That Buffet table is so vintage! Love it!... but ya, $1,000… nah lol.

I haven’t found ANY finds lately. I went out all weekend to different stores and couldn’t find anything... Booo.

Anna@Directions Not Included 1/25/2011  

I love the coffee table but the price tag, not so much. I need to check that place out if only to day dream ;)

jeanette from everton terrace 1/25/2011  

Awesome stuff, I'm a mid-century lover but with those prices I'd call it an antique store, nothing thrifty going on in there. Your lamp was (and is) a great find. I do have some good finds, always post them on Wednesdays. Wish that buffet was one of them (you know for like $25), it's fabulous!

Unknown 1/25/2011  

I have to agree the pieces are fantastic. I love little shops like this. The furniture at places like this isn't something you neighbor will have which makes it uber special and unique.

LBB 1/25/2011  

So many great finds, but I couldn't handle the prices either. Love my Goodwill!

oops! 1/25/2011  

What what a successful weekend! You found some great things! Isn't if fun!

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