Friday, January 7, 2011

Great Weather = Great Art

One of the great things about living in South Florida at this time of year, aside from the weather, is the outdoor art shows.  They seem to be every weekend.  Here are some of my favorites from the Las Olas Art Show this past weekend.

The artist, Bob Brown, which is the main reason we went out to the show, is my favorite.  His architectural pieces are both modern and bold.  I have a few of his works up in my house.  They look gorgeous against my white living room walls.

This artist Julie Keaten-Reed had some gorgeous pieces on display.  I love the simplicity of her work.  So beautiful.

The work of Mark MacKinnon was just amazing.  His photography is breathtaking and the color palette of his work is so serene. 

The artist Greg Knott had some very cool pieces.  He uses bold colors and his work has an incredible sense of humor.  I couldn't pick my favorite, but I thought the Rock, Paper, Scissors was just classic.

The artist Pat Little uses a very cool technique in his photography.  Visit his site so you can read all about it.

The artist Cady Watson had some really beautiful pieces.  The use of colors and her designs were just awesome.  She has a line in her website called Little Ones that seem so ideal for a nursery or child's room.  I loved her work.

The work of Ken Orton was just incredible.  This is paint, which is amazing.  My husband really liked his work.

This made going to the art show so much fun. My husband and I usually walk around and browse.  We actually took the time to check out these booths, talk to the artists, and find pieces we would hang on our walls. 

**Note-All pictures were taken with my phone so excuse the poor quality. I asked all the artists if I could take the pictures. 


Kim@Chattafabulous 1/07/2011  

Hey, I did an art post myself this morning. We are thinking alike. Happy weekend!!

ALR 1/10/2011  

I just did a post on DIY Art. I just can't afford some of the art I want. So many goodies to choose from.

Amy R.

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