Monday, January 31, 2011

My Blog in Review

I am so excited to be part of a very unique blog hop. Gail My Repurposed Life and Megan Beauty in the Attempt are hosting “The Bold and the Beautiful-your blog reviewed”.

Please take a look around my blog, check out the layout, pages, buttons,  sidebar and gadgets. I would love for you to gently critique my blog. I’m hoping you will leave me some positive feedback about my blog. It would be great if you could give me constructive criticism but be sure to tell me what you like about my blog too! Do you like my pictures? Does my blog load quickly for you? How about the font?  All tips and tidbits welcome!
You are welcome to join the party, it starts Thursday night and is open for a week.

I'm a little late to the party, but better later than never.  Have fun!


gail@My Repurposed Life 1/31/2011  

Thanks so much for joining in our blog hop. I know it's hard to do this, it makes you feel like you're in HS again. I understand that. Just see it through to the end. I see that you've already made some new friends!
I like your header! it's too cute. I wish there was a picture of jandj in the "about me" section.
I like that you have your followers right up top, makes it easy for your visitors to join in.
The light colored text (gray and yellow) is hard for me to see, but I'm old, so it might not be a problem for others.
I've been telling everyone that they need to have their links open in new windows. You need to keep your visitors on your page, not hunting for you with their "back" button. (you can email me if you're interested)
I also recommend that you subscribe to your own comments (if you don't already) and that you subscribe via rss so you can see how your readers see your blog via their reader.
I do hope this turns out to be a great experience for you, and that you make lots of new friends as you mingle amongst the other party goers.

Tara 1/31/2011  

Ah! I just want to stare at your blog, the colors are gorgeous. I love how it is simple, sophisticated and fun!

I really loved the post about your headboard, I love how full it was. My personal preference is towards blog posts that have a bit more "umph" (such as that post) although sometimes quick and simple is good.

ARK 2/01/2011  

I love love love love love love your love it love it. I agree wit is so calming...the colors are so beautiful. I can see the grey being hard to read for some, btu I adore it.

love your love love

If I would change ANYTHING, I'd love to see a bigger photo of you in your about me!

Brooke @ Finding Home 2/01/2011  

I love your color scheme and the simplistic sophistication! It looks great! The only thing I MIGHT change and this is completely up to you would be to put a space in between the "J"'s in your header. It looks a little smooshed together. Overall great work!

Sanditerese 2/01/2011  

I LOVE the layout and the colors of your blog. The only thing I would change is the color of the text. It's a little hard for me to read.

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt 2/01/2011  

Hello my dear! I am thrilled that you jumped into the blog hop. It is always exciting to meet new people. I have to tell you...I am smitten with your blog. I love the crisp, chic, and simple beauty that you beautifully interweave in your layout and composition. I have to tell you...the second I clicked over...I was scrolling down to see your designer. :) My gentle suggestion is to keep the grey font, but maybe saturate it a bit more. You can play with the scale to your hearts content. I LOVE grey and want you to keep it....just tweek it to have more depth and it will create the perfect reading contrast to the white. Once again these are just gentle thoughts. I know that taking a risk and putting yourself out there is very scary, but you should feel so proud and empowered. I hope that you are not a no-reply when dealing with comments. I always love being able to respond to my bloggers. Also...if you need anything, Gail and I would love to help. Just let us know what we can do. :)

Have a great week, and I hope this is the beginning of seeing more of you in the little blog world. :) I tell you my dear...I am smitten.


everything.beautiful 2/01/2011  

Your blog is absolutely beautiful. I love the colors, I love the set up, I love the clean look.
Keep up the good work!

Judith @ Creating Balance 2/02/2011  

Hey there! Love your blog!

PRO: Clean, fresh
CON: The light gray font is hard to read on your blog archive...just darken it up a little.
PRO: Simple is good!!!

ContentEwe 2/03/2011  

Hello! Your blog is so pretty! I agree with Megandvd. I love how chic and simple it is, but I do have trouble reading the grey font. It's just a little too light for me to see it well. I love the yellow and grey combo, though, and your header!

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