Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Kitchen

When we bought the house, our now dining room, was the kitchen.  This space below was termed a "den".  I say, it's where the previous owner's cats spent most of their time.  You see those black/brown stains on the linoleum, yea, when we lifted that, there was mold from cat pee.  I can't even think about it without getting sick.  There was a closet to the right, an off centered window, and a crazy bookshelf to the left. 
The door to the left is an entrance to a guest bathroom and the door to the right is the entrance to the hallway leading to our office.
This is the view of the kitchen or our now dining room.  The entrance was the width of a door.
And here is our kitchen now.  We widened the entrance quite a bit.  Got rid of the closet and centered the window.  We also moved the entrance to the guest bathroom to the hallway. These are Ikea Abstrakt doors and Akurum bases.  We built these all ourselves.  I actually did the initial build, and my husband tightened and installed them with his dad.
To the right is the bookshelf wall that we tore down from the first picture above.  That is our family room.
Here is the view from our family room of the kitchen.  Here you can see the hallway to our office and the entrance to our guest bathroom.  I finally ordered my rug.  I LOVE it! It goes great with our black speckled granite counter tops.
Here's the sink area.  The sun is beaming in.  It's a West facing window, so we get tons of light in the afternoons.
This Nespresso machine is what I gave my husband for Christmas. He loves it.
This is another angle where you can see my living room.  Our house is completely open.  We really love having this open concept feel through out the main living areas of our house.  We knocked down walls and opened things up as much as possible. It makes the house feel much bigger than it actually is.
Here you can see our dining room to the left and our family room to the right.
A view of the ceilings, which is probably the main reason we originally bought this hideous house.

We spent our first year of marriage without a kitchen. I am not kidding. We ate lots of pizza, take out, and in-laws cooking.  I think I gained like 10 pounds that year.  We had a foldout table with a microwave, toaster oven, and a refrigerator. We ran out of money after all the work to the house so it took us a while to get the kitchen together.  At the time, there was no Ikea in the area, so we actually had to have it shipped.  The cost of the kitchen wasn't bad, but the shipping alone was something like $1,000.  Oh, and we changed our mind about the layout when we started installing.  We had the refrigerator and wine refrigerator swapped, but it SO did not work.  I'm so glad we were willing to reorder some cabinets.  Have you done a major kitchen remodel?

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mary 6/06/2011  

Tell me you are an interior designer by trade?! This is insane! The most amazing kitchen remodel ever! I love the colors and finishes you chose and how the ceiling contrasts beautifully with all your design details! Job well done girl! And what a beautiful inspiring place to make your coffee in the morning! xox!

Anna@Directions Not Included 6/06/2011  

I love your kitchen! It is what inspired us to tackle ours :) We are almost done with our full renovation:

Still need to get a backsplash, install the toekick, paint and a few of the minor things but it is full functional and such an improvement.

Rashon Carraway 6/06/2011  

Oh wow!

This look so amazing!!!

Ok I must go back and read through the entire process of how you came about finding and purchasing your home.

I may also be sending you a lil email real soon.

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys 6/06/2011  

So bright and sunny, love that!! The ceilings are awesome. I think it's great that one can overlook cosmetic imperfections for architectural greatness.

Wonderfully Domestic 6/06/2011  

You did an amazing job. You really do have such a beautiful home :)

Amanda Lee 6/06/2011  

So beautiful! You've done a fantastic job. So much work, but you did it, and you hit it out of the park!

Kristin 6/06/2011  

Wow, I could have written this post. We didn't have a kitchen for 9 month, cookies in our garage and got married in the middle. We also have Ikea cabinets. I actually blogged about it here:

Anonymous,  6/06/2011  

So gorgeous! Great transformation, very light and airy!

Ashley@ 6/06/2011  

WOW! That's about all I can say! That is one of the most gorgeous kitchens I have ever seen! I wouldn't change a thing!!!

Unknown 6/06/2011  

What a massive improvement. I love the contrast between your beautiful ceiling and more modern cabinets and decore! Great job!

Lisa @ Turning Tables 6/06/2011  

Oh my goodness!!!!! I love your kitchen - & your whole home for that matter!!!!! You and I have very similar taste! So beautiful!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design 6/06/2011  

So your kitchen (and your entire house for that matter) belongs in a shelter mag. Seriously.
Yes, we've been through a kitchen reno in our previous house and will need to do it again in our current house. As awful as it is to go through it, the reward is so worth it when it is over. I imagine it must be like childbirth???

michelle@decorandthedog 6/06/2011  

Your kitchen is beautiful. Love it!! Love your rug too!

LBB 6/06/2011  

WOW! I love how open it is! You guys are pretty awesome to tackle that project :) I would have ran the other way!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Melz 6/06/2011  

HOLY MOLY!!! LOVE your kitchen!! You've inspired me new blogger friend! I'm posting my new house pics ASAP!

Marci 6/06/2011  

Amazing. Simply Amazing.

Erica 6/07/2011  

I totally love the ceilings. MMM good!

Bel 6/07/2011  

This. is. amazing. You guys are INCREDIBLE!!!! I lOVE IT!!!

<3 Belly B

Coley 6/07/2011  

This is gorgeous!

Bri@Meyouandawiener 6/08/2011  

We are getting ready to do our kitchen as well. I want no upper cabinets and it to feel very airy like yours. We are doing all the work ourselves.

Love what you did with beams.

memakingdo 6/08/2011  

What a beautiful kitchen! Stopping by from Someday Crafts.

Jena @ Involving Color and Home 6/08/2011  

Your kitchen turned out amazing! I'd love to add a couple of your images to my inspiration galleries and include you in a feature post. Let me know if you're interested!

Stephanie 6/08/2011  

So nice!! Yes, we just re-did our kitchen--I need to take a picture of the final stuff, but you can find it on my blog if you want. I'm sure you're just loving it. We were w/out a kitchen for about 2 months, and that was a long time :)

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage 6/09/2011  

I have done a big kitchen remodel on an old vintage cottage~ stop by and take a look at it sometime. I love your kitchen- it's gorgeous and your beams are wonderful. Well done!

Natasha in Oz 6/09/2011  

We have done a major kitchen remodel to make our home more open plan so I know where you are coming from. Even though it's hard work it's so worth it isn't it! Your kitchen is stunning and your home looks fabulous. Great job!

Best wishes and happy weekend,

At The Picket Fence 6/09/2011  

OH MY GOODNESS!! This belongs in a magazine for sure! You guys did a seriously awesome job and should be so proud of yourselves. It is beyond gorgeous and we are so thrilled you shared it at Inspiration Friday!

FABBY'S LIVING 6/09/2011  

I can't believe the great job you did!! My goodness...maybe you should think on a creer change?! I'm impressed! Your whole open house looks wonderful, very light and fresh. Yes, a year and a few months ago we went thru exactly this! Our entire house was a mess, as we live in an open big apartment in a penthouse and it was a terrible time, but yeah, it looks great! Congrats. FABBY

Cindy @ Cinsarah 6/09/2011  

WOW What a beautiful transformation! I love it!
New Follower here! :)

Check out my blog when you have a chance please:

Sarah @ Hennessey House 6/10/2011  

this. is. insane....
as in, INSANELY AMAZING. i can hardly believe my eyes!!!

Unknown 6/10/2011  

I love white kitchens and never tire of seeing a new one! Yours is beautiful! Love the ceilings and that graphic rug. Can't believe those are IKEA cabs. Just lovely!

Lesley 6/12/2011  

Holy. Crap.

Sarah 6/13/2011  

Wow, that is amazing! It is impossible to believe that is actually the same space. Great job.

the cape on the corner 6/13/2011  

love this space! super jealous!

Scribbler 6/13/2011  

You did a terrific job on your remodel -- and the way the house is so open is wonderful. We are in the middle of a kitchen face-lift, trying to undo the redo of a previous owner, so I am zeroing in on all the kitchen projects. This one is truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

Allison @ House of Hepworths 6/16/2011  

Love it so much I featured it today at my Hookin Up with HoH Party!



Pamela 6/16/2011  

Oh my...a kitchen like that would make me want to cook. Well, maybe not but at least I could wander around and eat a bowl of fruit!

I'm here (and following) from Strut Your Stuff.

May your day be joyful,

gail@My Repurposed Life 6/16/2011  

amazing! I love how open it is. Beautiful kitchen! Lucky you!

Jacqueline 6/17/2011  

All I can say is wow! Your kitchen is amazing! I love how you save money from buying most a lot from Ikea! I'd love for you to share this beautiful kitchen at my link party.
Simply Creations Link Party

Dana from Our Life's Legacy 6/30/2011  

Your kitchen is GORGE-ous. It makes my little old galley kitchen embarrassed :) Good work!

Megan 7/01/2011  

Wow, it looks amazing! Love the cabinets and the exposed beams. Great job!

Pamela 7/11/2011  

Amazing transformation! I love that you kept the wood beams.

Kim 7/12/2011  

Um, whoa. You had some vision when you bought that house! It is an amazing transformation. As in, looks like a totally different house. Great job!

Anonymous,  7/12/2011  

Totally amazing. I love it. You worked those ceilings, girl!

Kathy Carbone 8/05/2011  

Ewww, those cat pee stains are totally gross. Thank goodness that you got all of those out of the house. Moving on, your kitchen/dining area looks super GORGEOUS! The abundance of light makes it an appealing place to dine.

Roeshel 10/07/2011  

Wow! Are you sure that's the same house?! What a gorgeous (and stunning!) transformation! I'm so glad you joined the Roomspiration Kitchen party - I missed this! :)

Dusty Coyote 10/07/2011  

Hello ceiling! It is georgous! I love it! The whole entire kitchen is beautiful. So sunny and cheery! Great place! Stunning lighting.

Rhiannon 3/19/2012  

Amazing kitchen transformation! It looks fantastic! You've done a great job.

Steam Showers 5/05/2012  

Great design I love the light nuetral colors you choose. It give the kitchen a very modern loft look but with better finishes than you would typically find in a loft.

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