Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some New Upholstery

I finally got out to my sister's apartment last night.  I have been there tons of times and have even slept over on weekends. It's nice to live on the beach! Since starting this whole apartment makeover, I hadn't actually been there.  My sister had measured and I had a good idea of what space we were working with...not a lot.  I got some before pictures (even though my camera is acting up a bit) and some amazing afters. 

Here is the couch that we found at the Faith Farm thrift store for $75.00.  It's missing the cushions here. I was snapping a picture as the upholsterer was taking it out of my parents house.  Notice the orange dust on it, that's from the disintegrating foam from these chairs.
Here it is, all nice and white.  I apologize for the quality/bluriness of the picture. My camera is acting up on me.  Luckily, I have a Nikon D3000 that I will be taking a photography class for on Saturday.  My Sony cybershot is just easy to throw in the purse. 
We had to get rid of the tufting, because of the type of fabric used. My sister has a dog who has full rights to her entire apartment and may be found napping on the couch from time to time.  She chose a vinyl for smelling and cleaning purposes. 
 Here is the new nail head trim.  Lovely.
This is the first step in her entire apartment redo.  She is even talking about completely cleaning everything out and minimizing her belongings, like her absurd amounts of shoes.  We'll see about that.  I am so excited to get this going. I feel like I've been talking about this for months.  This will be my first purchasing furniture, decorating, and accessorizing another space other than my home.  I hope it all comes out the way I'm envisioning.

Total cost of project
$75 Sofa
$200 Fabric
$170 Upholsterer
$450 Total

Are you all having trouble leaving comments? I have been having trouble since last week, ugh! I was able to leave one this morning on a blog as an anonymous reader and just typed out my name.  So much work, but it may have to do for now. I miss writing to all of you.


Bri@Meyouandawiener 6/01/2011  

450 for couch is a great price. The upholstery job was super cheap wow!

Margaret 6/01/2011  

looks amazing!! WHERE on earth is that upholsterer? I think I have to hit them up.

Anonymous,  6/01/2011  

i agree w/ the gals above.. that is some CHEAP uphostery work!!!

Ali Richardson 6/01/2011  

I noticed that when I sign in to blogger, for some reason the "stayed signed in" box is checked below my username and password. When I uncheck that box, I'm able to leave comments with my name. If I forget and leave that box checked, I'm anonymous. I don't get it, but give it a try.


Jon'el 6/02/2011  

the couch looks amazing! can't wait to see the rest of the space

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys 6/02/2011  

Where is this upholsterer you speak of?! I want him/her!!! It looks beautiful.

reFresh reStyle 6/02/2011  

Love it, and I too want the same upholsterer! Great deal!

Sweet Young Journey 6/02/2011  

I found your blog link at MMS.
I love your couch make over!

Karen 6/03/2011  

The couch turned out so great!I know its all gonna turn out fabuolous.

Bev,  6/03/2011  

The sofa is beautiful!! And if I could find someone to recover a sofa for $170, I wouldn't be trying to figure out how to upholster myself.


May 6/03/2011  

Are you serious?! The upholsterer did that for $170 including the nail head trim? Unbelievable!

ARK 6/03/2011  

You're looks like a MILLION bucks...

Tammy 6/03/2011  

That looks great! I like it with out the tufting!
Did you reupholster it? I wish I knew how.
Your newest follower. Hope you can visit me sometime soon!

Unknown 6/04/2011  

Love! So beautiful! I'm going to have to follow you so I watch the transformation of your sister's place.

Jenn Erickson 6/05/2011  

Visiting from the Creative Bloggers Party & Hop over at Create with Joy!

What a beautiful transformation! You reupholstered like a pro!

So pleased to "meet" you!

New follower,
Jenn/Rook No. 17

Cassie Bustamante 6/07/2011  

ooooh it looks soooo sleek and beautiful!!!! that is a drab to fab if i ever saw one!

Anonymous,  1/11/2013  

That's Vickie! I love the tufting, not gonna lie. It's really missing something without it. I"d love to see Vickie done up with the tufting in a bright royal blue or another bright trendy color to mix the Victorian with a trend color.

Unknown 4/18/2013  

This looks fabulous.Great post!Thank you for sharing.Keep it up!!!

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