Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wall Treatments - Sister Files

I hope you had a great long weekend.  We had a nice and relaxing one, which we needed.  I'm finally going to my sister's apartment this afternoon to get some before pictures of her place.  The reupholsterer has finished the pieces we sent him and I am ecstatic.  I think this is finally coming together.  We are thinking of a wall paper or a stencil treatment for the main wall of her apartment.  Here are some ideas.  Obviously, painting our own wallpaper will be the cheaper alternative.  But oh so much work.

The Brocade Home Cross Flocked Foil in champagne is the favorite so far.  We requested a sample of this one.  We're hoping that the champagne leans towards the pink/coral side.

The Brocade Home Gothic Foil is beautiful.  We are waiting for a sample of this one too.
The painted wallpaper by Jones Design Company is just perfect. I'm a bit worried about the stenciling.  I am somewhat impulsive and just think that I/we will make a mess. 

Now, if Not Just a Housewife did this stenciled ceiling, a wall can't be that bad.  This is gorgeous.  I love the idea of picking whatever colors we want. 
Have you stenciled a wall before?  Am I setting myself up for disaster?


Mallory 5/31/2011  

I did my bathroom with the Jones Design Company stencil but I used a big fat paint pen! I was nervous about making a huge mess as well. I figured it would be much harder to screw up with a paint pen! :) Hope it turns out great!

Stitchfork 5/31/2011  

Did stenciling once - you'll be great at it!
xo Cathy

Anna@Directions Not Included 5/31/2011  

Stencil. It is easier to change out if minds change down the road. We are a family of artists - you guys can do it! I'll even come over and help :)

Anonymous,  6/02/2011  

We'll see if this comment goes through. I'm having problems as well.

Great blog! Definately go for the stenciling. Super easy, just go light on the paint and stipple, don't drag. Practice on a piece of foam board to get the feel. Plus, it's just paint. The worst that can happen is you just take a roller and paint over it! Way cheaper, too.


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