Monday, May 16, 2011

Week-End Finds

Remember what my family room looked like.  Well, here it is today.  I'm in the midst of a million projects.  Mostly, for my sisters apartment.  We've been going over ideas, purchasing furniture and fabric, and hadn't really done much with it.  So, I started painting and working this weekend. 
Here's a sunburst/sculpture that I'm working on...or trying to figure out what I want to do with it.  Hopefully, I can get this finished up this week.
I posted about this table that I found on the side of the road a couple of months ago.  I had given it a coat of white primer and kind of forgot about it. 
A couple of weeks ago, while out thrifting for my sisters apartment, I found a marble top.  I bought it without measuring.  At $10.00, I figured, I'd find something to do with it, if it didn't work.  I spray painted the base yellow. The top is not attached to the base, but I wanted you all to get a look at it. 
I found this ugly tile looking thing at Goodwill on Friday.  I already gave it a coat of turquoise spray paint (you can see it in the first picture).  I'm still figuring out what else to do with it.
This mirror was $1.49 at the Salvation Army.  I'm thinking for my sister's gallery wall.  Those plastic sunflowers will be the first things removed. 
Do you find yourself knee deep in a bunch of projects?


Dragonfliez Made 5/16/2011  

I always find myself knee deep in projects... hlaf of them sit there because I get bored with it or my brain goes in a different direction and I forget what I was doing ;-)

PJ @ Planned in Pencil 5/16/2011  

Yes! I think I have thirty projects in various stages of "doneness" in my garage right now, LOL

Linda@Coastal Charm 5/16/2011  

That was an awesome price for the piece of looks great with your FREE base!


elizabeth@themustardceiling 5/16/2011  

I feel you. I am head over heels in projects. Last night I told my husband that I didn't know if our house would ever be the same. I feel like I have just enough time to finish one, clean up to photograph it and move to the next one :).

Stitchfork 5/16/2011  

I'm enjoying your knee-deep projects to see what you come up with that always looks great!
xo Cathy

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY 5/16/2011  

Great find with the marble top!!

Ashley 5/16/2011  

You have such a great eye to be able to see potential! I'm loving the shape of the mirror and the marble-topped table!

mary 5/16/2011  

WOW. That is a LOT to take on girlfriend! But if anyone can do it, you can!! I am SOOO excited to see your bedroom! Go create! Woot woot! xox!

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