Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award...Do I deserve it?

I am so thankful that I've been given
Unfortunately, I couldn't get my thoughts together to respond and come up with my 'list'.  So I've been letting my little post-it note with all my nominators sit on my desk.  My friends, finally, I am responding!!! Yay, and thank you so much for nominating me.  So let's hope I get this right.....My warmest and sincerest thanks to

So 7 things about me:

1)  I am starting a gluten free diet today.  Ugh. Wish me luck.  I found out last week that I carry the gene for Celiac Disease.  
2)  Work almost got the best of me this year.  I've been dealing with a horrific fatal crisis situation at school.  Not typically the kind of thing I deal with.
3)  It seems like I'm super organized, but I have secret messes. 
4)  I'm super forgetful these days.  I think it's stress related.
5)  I wish I had studied interior design and not School Psychology..
6)  I'm starting to tell my real life friends about my blog and they've all been super excited and supportive.
7)  Talking about secret messes...I think taking so long to respond to this award proves that. :)

Again, thank you so much for nominating me.  If I forgot you, please, please remind me.  Remember, the forgetfulness thing.


Jonel 5/25/2011  

Congrats on the award! Good luck on the gluten free diet, seems like their are more options out there now so I am sure you will do fine with it but it sucks to have to adjust to it. I am the opposite of organized too. Lol, I haven't really shared the rooms in my house, not because I don't want to but they are so messy it's embarassing. But I am trying to go clutter free in 2011. I never finished college but I wish I did interior design. I never realized how much designing spaces excited me. Glad you are finding support from your friends. I have yet to tell my family about mine, well I did for the contest and I secretly hope they forgot about it. Wow this is long. Hope you are having a better day and don't worry I am forgetful as they come.

Ali Richardson 5/25/2011  

YES! You totally deserve it. Good luck with gluten free. Sorry work is stressful. As always, I love your blog!

elizabeth@themustardceiling 5/25/2011  

Congratulations, of course you deserve it!

Lisa @ Turning Tables 5/25/2011  

Congratulations!!! YES, you deserve it!! :)

Lesley 5/26/2011  

It took me a while to tell anyone in my real life about my blog. I didn't want to be judged by it. So far so good, though.
I'm glad your friends have been supportive!

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