Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Backyard

Wow, I can't believe I am actually posting these pictures. Please do not judge me.  This is not a reflection of who we are, I promise.  This is my backyard.  I'm sorry.  This is the view from my family room french doors.  The table and chairs were a gift from my parents seven years ago. One of the chairs broke and I ended up painting the wood, because the teak was so dry.  
Here's a view from mid yard.  Please notice the hanging wires from the wood trim.  We had our roof done four years ago and we had the cedar trim stained.  The wires have been hanging since then.  Ummm.
My husband is an avid crossfitter.  He set up a little workout area for those days he couldn't make it to the gym.  Yea, pretty.
Here you can see my husbands kettlebells. Talking about DIY, he made his own using this tutorial.  Gotta love him.
This, my friends, is  It was an orchid arbor in it's past life and in sorry shape.  I painted it the same brown as the table above.  I hung curtain rods and when we have a party we hang sheers all the way around. It can look pretty night.
 This is the side of our house, by our bedroom.  No need to explain.
This is the home of our septic tank.  We have two slabs of concrete and this patch in the middle.  For my 30th birthday, we lined it with that black weed paper and filled it with rocks.  
The best part of having concrete slabs, the perfect place to draw.  You can see my attempt at Buzz Lightyear with his jet pack, Woody, and Hamm the pig.  I'd love to cover this with some kind of natural stone.
I have made no attempts at fixing this lovely patio area in over four years.  Priorities, and this wasn't one of them.  There are so many things I want to do, but the thought of it is kind of overwhelming.  I guess, I can start with clearing all the junk.  I will dream of redoing it all. 


Michelle @ Dream Home DIY 5/11/2011  
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Michelle @ Dream Home DIY 5/11/2011  

**Sorry I had to delete the first comment. Way too many typos hahaha**

You've got some pretty great backyard bones though :0) Im picturing a wood arbor/pergola coming off the house in that first and second photo

Camilla 5/11/2011  

You can do it!!! It took us 3 summers to finally feel finished with our backyard landscaping. You can do it!

elizabeth@themustardceiling 5/11/2011  

Thank goodness, I am happy to see someone else embarrassed by their backyard (although I have to tell you, yours is nicer than ours). Our yard is a mess, we cannot get control over it. Hopefully one of these days. Good luck with your backyard.

V @ Invaluable Valuables 5/14/2011  

Your backyard has HUGE potential & I think it would take me 4 years to work out exactly what to put where. Some things just take longer than expected :)
PS were following my blog but all my bloggers have disappeared, so please feel free to join again.

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