Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Visit From Rapunzel

We celebrated my niece's 3rd Birthday on Sunday.  She loves all things Princess.  Her latest favorite is Rapunzel from the movie Tangled.  My sister-in-law put together a beautiful party and I wanted to show you what an amazing job she did.  Rapunzel came and performed a show for the kids. She was so engaging and had a beautiful voice.  
Here is the cake table with the tower.  The cake was made by her friend from work.  Her facebook page has some beautiful samples of her work.
Here is the yard set up before the party.  The lanterns along the hedge are actually chinese takeout boxes that she added a sun detail to. If you've seen the movie, the Queen and King lit lanterns for their lost princess every year on her birthday.  The suns were wall decorations that she spray painted yellow.  The small tables were art centers for the kids.  Paper, crayons, water colors, and markers were ready for the kids.  The boards along the hedge were cardboard boxes that would later be serving as easels for the kids to paint.
She printed these banners using these printables from Little Things Creations
These Wanted posters were all over the yard.  So cute!
This was the candy station.  The boxes were all labeled with each child's name. She did not miss a single detail.  I think my sis-in-law should be a party planner.
Here's another close up of the lanterns and sun.
The art wall was adorable. The kids LOVED it!
This moment was priceless. She was in aww of Rapunzel and gave her a huge hug. 
Happy Birthday sweet princess.
I love you,


KLM 6/28/2011  

How fun! And that last photo is to sweet!

PJ @ Planned in Pencil 6/28/2011  

aw, so sweet!

I had a rapunzel themed birthday to go to this weekend too, I think it's the kids party of the year, at least for little girls Rapunzel didn't make it to our party though. Guess she was tired after yours.

It does look amazing. Ask your sister for some red neck party ideas, mine needs a jolt and I'm too tired to do it. LOL

Unknown 6/28/2011  

LOVE the canvas idea!!! Well done!

Aimee @ Wonderfully Domestic 6/28/2011  

This is giving me ideas for my daughter's 3rd birthday in September. She is mad about Rapunzel and Tangled. Thanks :)

Crystal @ Ordinary Days 6/28/2011  

What a sweet birthday party! Was that canvases she used for the art wall? So cute!! We just celebrated my daughter's 6th birthday Saturday. She had a Ballerina birthday party. Lots of fun! Your niece is one lucky little girl. :)

Emily [On the V Side] 6/29/2011  

Hi! I'm visiting from HOH and just wanted to let you know that I'm tucking away these party ideas - that art wall idea is fantastic! Too cute and your little niece is *adorable*.

Your blog is great - I'll be following! :)

Have a great day

Two Thirty Five Designs 7/01/2011  

Great party idea! And Im LOVING the canvases!!

Fara's Designs 7/20/2011  

Thanks for the shout out! Everything turned to be Amazing! Christy made a terrific job, she can be a party planner for sure! I grabbing some ideas too for my daughter's party!
I am following you now, I love all your projects (In fact, I need you in my backyard like now, can you come to Puerto Rico?, hehe) I am exciting to see all the individual projects, you did a great Job!

Fara (www.littlethingscreations.com)

missy 11/08/2011  

Where did you get those big boxes/canvas the kids colored on?

Anonymous,  11/08/2011  

Yes, please.... where did you find the big boxes?

Lulu,  11/12/2011  

Fabulous. How did you manage the paint for each kid? Where there cups to take or did they each get a little of each color?

Jill 12/07/2011  

I love the idea of having kids paint canvases at a birthday party! Thanks for sharing! Jill♥

Kim 12/08/2011  

We r having a party next week and I live the painting on the boxes, where did she get them??? If you could let me know that would be great! Kim

Kim 12/08/2011  

We r having a party next week and I live the painting on the boxes, where did she get them??? If you could let me know that would be great! Kim

Unknown 12/12/2011  

Where did she get the wig? I love it!! And, the gown. :)

Carrie 12/29/2011  

I would also love to know where u got the canvas boxes. Love it

txgal 12/29/2011  

I'd like to know where you found the boxes as well. Super cute idea!

Anonymous,  12/31/2011  

Fantastic idea with the boxes! I am so doing this. LOVE IT!

Anonymous,  1/17/2012  

Has anyone found a source for the boxes?

Anonymous,  1/25/2012  

still wondering about the boxes as well! Thank you!

jandjhome 1/25/2012  

Hi, sorry for the delayed response. Our Internet had been giving us problems. My father-in-law works for a printing press and those are the boxes the paper comes in. They usually just trash/recycle them, so maybe a local printing press would be willing to give them away. It's worth a try!

Anonymous,  4/29/2012  

I'm so happy to find the source of this! I had pinned the photo a while ago but when I went back to click on the link it just went to google images. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this and can't wait until my son is a little older to try it out - would love to use as my inspiration for my blog when the day comes. Let me know if you are ok with me including your picture (credit & a link of course!) Thnx! Morgan

vanessa 5/31/2012  

Question: did you have the kids take their "canvas" drawing home? Seems like a bulky party favor so I'm curious. Love the idea!

Angela Terry 6/19/2012  

How fun! Thanks for the great party ideas!

Anonymous,  6/28/2012  

"Aww" is an exclamation, "awe" is wonderment; they are not interchangeable. But having said that, your party idea was absolutely adorable!! ^.^

Anonymous,  8/10/2012  

I love the painting part of the birthday party! My son will be turning 4 next month and I think this would be a great idea...what did you use for paint?

Unknown 8/19/2012  

Adorable party!! Loved all your ideas.
To Anonymous posted on 6/28/2012....never thought I'd get a grammar lesson with my party ideas.

Donay Kuuleilani,  8/23/2012  

HI! love this... where did you find the canvas for the art wall??

Thanks so much!!

Unknown 8/26/2012  

Brilliant idea for a party! I'm happy to have stumbled here. :)www.shiningmom.com

Anonymous,  9/18/2012  

Where did your sister in law get the cardboard boxes for the kids to paint? I love that idea and its more cost effective then real canvas.

Vi and Joe Arca 10/22/2012  

How did you make the card board boxes?

Becky 5/21/2013  

This had to be the best birthday party EVER! I love the canvas idea. I have two artists (really, I mean it- ha ha) on my hands and they would love this! Thanks for the post!


Walewska 10/01/2013  

I love the children painting in their big canvases, amazing!

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