Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Living Room Rug

Summer had to start with a trip to Ikea.  We loaded up my sister's kids and headed about 40 minutes north yesterday morning.  I had one and only one thing in mind, a rug for my living room.  I had been eyeing the Ikea Flokati Rug and had seen some beautiful inspiration pictures with this type of rug.  The price was just right at $79 for a 5 x 7.  I would've loved it to be a bit bigger, so that it would reach my chairs, but beggars can't be choosers.  Here it is with my new to me coffee table. 
I asked my nephew to help me pick a rug (3 hours in Ikea can be rough on a 3 year old).  When I found the Flokati, he automatically laid on it and told me it was soft.  He then tried to lift it and place it in the cart, sold!  It was kind of cute to watch. 
The sales guy warned me that this rug would shed like crazy.  I was willing to take the risk. I hope I don't regret it later when I'm vacuuming all the time.  It's not really a high traffic area, so I hope that helps. Have you had any experiences with Flokati rugs? 


mary 6/16/2011  

Floaty looks great! Aka Flokati. I think it is perfectly paired with your furniture choices in there J! I used to have like 5 of these things in my apt in Brooklyn, but I also have a white cat so the hair was kind of compounded. But the spot you picked shouldnt give you a shedding issue. Regardless its worth the price tag and the look is fabs! xox!

Elisa 6/16/2011  

Ooo, delicious! The important question here is... how does it feel in between your toes!? Hah.

Jen 6/16/2011  

I love the rug! And the coffee table :) He is a trooper to last 3 hours in any! He needs a special prize!

Unknown 6/16/2011  

There are no words to express how awesome this room is. Well done! I like the rug too.

Anonymous,  6/16/2011  

I'm in need of a new rug myself and have a few from Ikea already. I don't know about that shedding, that might have put me off but it's quite nice. I have a large white fluffy one in my living room, feels good on the barefeet :)

Jeanette from Everton Terrace

elizabeth@themustardceiling 6/16/2011  

Wow, your living room is gorgeous! The rug adds just the right touch, very modern and chic. I have not had any experience with the flokati rug, so I don't know about shedding, but it looks fabulous.

Ali Richardson 6/16/2011  

SO pretty!!! It looks perfect in that room! Good luck with the shedding, I hope it doesn't do it too much!

Marci@TimberandLace 6/16/2011  

It will quit shedding eventually but you may be surprised that it will float into all the other areas of the house in the mean time. Hello, gorgeous white, crisp, bright, minimalist living room.

Lisa @ Turning Tables 6/16/2011  

I haven't had too much experience with them - YET - but I totally plan to purchase that exact one now that I know how reasonably priced it is!! I have been wanting one but they are typically so expensive, but $79 I can do!!! And 5 x 7 is a great size! It looks amazing in your space!! I think the shedding will be fine!! :)

Life, Crafts and Whatever 6/17/2011  

Gorgeous! I swear, you have such a grown up house, I love it! How's the shedding so far?

Unknown 6/19/2011  

Ahhh! I love flokati rugs.. so soft and cozy! The shedding is worth it:)

Anonymous,  2/21/2012  

If you like, you can brush them and get quite a different look. Cleaning them can be interesting. For the most part, you can take it outside and beat it. Come payday though, I'm taking mine on a field trip to the local laundromat-sans dryer. Gotta love the no rubber backing thing!

Double Glazing Kidderminster 8/04/2012  

I love this kind of rug. Actually I'd try to ask for the price of it at the mall and i'm kinda surprise for it is so much expensive.

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