Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week-End Finds

I am so excited about my latest find. Pardon my long explanation. My in-laws received this same set for their wedding 40 years ago.  My mother-in-law is sentimentally attached to gifts that are given to her.  Here comes the problem, over 40 years, things accumulate. So my sisters-in-laws are always bugging her to get rid of things. So, over 10 years ago, my mother-in-law is decluttering and sends this lovely set to the Salvation Army.  My hubby (then stranger to me), gets home and gets REALLY mad at her.  Of all the things she could get rid of, she gets rid of this.  Well, she was so overridden with guilt that both her and my father-in-law unbeknown to each other, show up at the Salvation Army the next morning to try and get it back.  No luck. So my mother-in-law has lived in a state of guilt for all these years.  This all occurred before me and just so you know, I would've been able to pick out the set from 20 different ones placed in front of me if I had to (I've heard the story 100 times).    I decided I was going to find the same set as a gift to my husband.  I called my mother-in-law to give me the exact details of it so I could start my searching.  Well, she tells me that my sister-in-laws in-laws have the same exact set she had and that I should call them and see if I could buy it off of them.  We both made the call, and my mother-in-law begged and pleaded.  Well, the next day I got a call to come by and see it.  I was at the mall and flew all the way across town in rush hour traffic just to get the chance to bring it home to my hubby.  Well, much to my surprise, they gifted it to me.  They were so happy that someone actually wanted one of their old things that they wanted us to have it.  I was so moved and grateful.  I wrapped it up and left it for my husband on the dining room table.  He was floored.  I think he laughed for like 20 minutes and to quote my mother-in-law "Oh, I am so glad I don't have to feel guilty anymore."  Here it is, in all its circa 1970 glory.  It is in perfect condition and it's likely that a drink has never been poured into any of the glasses.
Here it is on my kitchen counter.  Our wine fridge is below and you can see our wine opener hanging on the wall.  I guess you could say this is our bar area area. 
I kind of felt like it needed a tray or something to give it a little more oomph and show off all that gold lovliness.  A while back, my friend gifted me some items that belonged to her father-in-law.  Amongst them was this tray/place mat.  I had totally forgotten about it and last night I was trying to organize my "stock" room and I found it. It's a perfect fit.
It's a beautiful vintage set and I am loving it.  My husband is happy and that's always a good thing.  Have you ever been gifted something that makes you smile?


gail@My Repurposed Life 6/08/2011  

awww, yay for the hubs! :) glad his mother no longer has to feel guilty!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY 6/08/2011  

How special!!! Your poor mother-in-law feeling guilty all these years LOL

mary 6/08/2011  

YAyyyyy! What luck to find it again! And it is quite beautiful I must say! xox!

PJ @ Planned in Pencil 6/08/2011  

I love antique glassware! And for free no less, it couldn't get any better than that! Now leave your poor mother in law and her junk alone! or at least ask your husband if he wants something before she donates it to charity! LOL

ARK 6/08/2011  

such a cool story...yay for happy endings :)

Melz 6/08/2011  

So awesome!! Love things like this with a story to tell.

Ali Richardson 6/08/2011  

AWESOME!!! You are so sweet, he is so lucky to have you :)

Anonymous,  6/08/2011  

That set is great! Recently my mother gave me her old typewriter that she's had all my life. I was so tickled to get it. :)

Jeanette from Everton Terrace

Bri@Meyouandawiener 6/08/2011  

That is an awesome set I've found a few similar ones as well at Goodwills.

Tonia Lee Smith 6/09/2011  

When I come across glasses like this they're either chipped one is missing something never a complete set. Great find.

bazaarofserendipity 6/09/2011  

LOVE these great find!!!!

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