Friday, June 24, 2011

Mid Century Chair

Last week I went out for a quick stop at a thrift store.  They were having a huge sale and had a bunch of chairs sitting outside.  I walked up and saw a few that caught my eye.  When I asked the guy how much the chairs were, he said take 4 for $3.00.  I happily obliged.  My favorite has to be this mid century chair that has now found a home in my dining room area.  The wood was extremely dry and the cushion, well the smell of cat urine was pretty strong. 
I removed the first layer of fabric to find a huge stain, of I am imagining urine.  I had my husband remove all the fabric and the batting that was attached and thew it all away.  I had some batting leftover from my upholstered headboard, so I just layered on three layers and recovered it in the fabric that I used for my dining room chairs (of which I have not shown you all yet).  Here's another before. You can see a stain on the side.
Here you can see the dry, discolored wood.
I used Howard Restor-a-finish and Feed-n-Wax and brought the wood back to life.  The fabric I used is a suiting linen that I found thanks to Lynda.  I bought 3 yards at $4.00 a yard.  So, for a total of $12.00, I did my six dining room chairs, this chair, and I still have over a yard leftover.  Here it is.
Here it is in it's new spot.
I absolutely love it.  It cost me $0.75, oh, and $0.75 for new screws.  Not bad for an afternoon of thrifting.  Oh, and the story of my dining chairs. When I bought the fabric last week, I finished covering the cushions that evening.  I excitedly asked my husband to screw them back in.  We waited until the weekend and I suddenly had this crazy idea to remove the expresso/black stain and take them back to their original form.  I wrote about it here.  I did a sample spot of stripper on one of the chairs and I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into. I've done some research on strippers and am wondering if there is a difference from the $8 quart sold at Home Depot and some of the other ones I've found on-line.  So for now, no pictures of my dining chairs.  Am I getting in over my head?

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Cassie Bustamante 6/24/2011  

it looks awesome!
i hate when furniture smells of cat pee.... so gross!!!!!

Kristin Miracle Lewis @ west on cole 6/24/2011  

I love your chair! The wood is beautiful!

I have a curved back modern chair that I made into a bar..until I find a cool vintage bar cart!

Melz 6/24/2011  

Very nice!! I want to go thrifting where you go!!

PJ @ Planned in Pencil 6/24/2011  

I absolutely love the lines of that chair, ah... and 3.00 that's such a great deal!

Anonymous,  6/24/2011  

a piece of sculpture. :)

Unknown 6/24/2011  

Well done!!!

Bri@Meyouandawiener 6/24/2011  

That chair is sexy. Kinda like "hey look at me im so sexy I have my own spot".

the cape on the corner 6/24/2011  

love the shape of that chair!

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door 6/24/2011  

What a great find! I love the lines of this chair.

Ali Richardson 6/24/2011  

Awesome!!!! It looks really pretty and perfect in that spot. I have had my fill of stinky furniture, that's for sure! Glad your stink went away :)

Allison @ little lovelies 6/24/2011  

Visiting from TT & J. This is such a great find! I love when you have those once in a lifetime steals. Lucky you!

BluBabesCreate 6/24/2011  

That was a great find! Come see my mid-century chest of drawers.

Nicole 6/24/2011  

So jealous! Those are awesome chairs. How about I give you $20 for them? Ok, just kidding (unless you're interested, of course). ;)

Michelle @ Sweet Something Design 6/25/2011  

Nice find! I love 'quick' trips to the thrift! :)

La Boheme 6/25/2011  

I like how you kept the end result simple, the clean lines of the chair really show. Nice spot for it too! Thank you for visiting La Boheme, happy to have you :)

Unknown 6/26/2011  

I'm so jealous! I bought 2 chairs almost exactly like that for a lot more than $3!!

Megan Gunyan 6/28/2011  

Wow, this chair has great lines. I love what you did with it to keep it nice and classic. Great job! I don't know about stripping a stained finish. I only use stripper for paint. Good luck!!!

I'd love for you to join my giveaway for 2 canvas pillow forms going on now! Happy 4th!

Amy @ 7/02/2011  

ooo, love it! You did a great job repurposing it. I love old chairs.

Kids fun 7/11/2011  

You have done a lovely job with the chairs. Well done, they look fantastic.

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