Monday, April 11, 2011

Week-End Finds

The afternoon of my Living Room house tour post last week, I found the table I've been looking for on Craigslist.  I wrote about wanting to change our coffee table and found one the same day, literally.  I decided to do some searching and found a guy selling a set of 3 tables.  I went ahead and bought the 3 because of the deal he gave me and figured if I can't use the end tables, I will sell them.  Here's the coffee table in my living room.  It may be a little more narrow than we need.  I am not closed to finding another more perfect one, but I couldn't pass up this deal.

I'm also thinking of adding a rug, to define the space a little more.  Let's see what I come up with.
Here are the 2 end tables. I love them, but have nowhere for them.  I've tried, all over my house and nothing.
I listed them on Craigslist, let's see if they sell. 


KLM 4/11/2011  

Lovely finds. I think a rug will look great under that coffee table.

Happy Monday!

Jon'el 4/11/2011  

I have a lot of amazing craiglist and flea market finds this weekend...hopefully, I will be able to post today about if I have time...

Your tables look amazing and I am sure someone will want them. I am now stalking a table that I have been looking for and I hope the people get back to me since it will be FREE. It's actually 2 smaller side tables instead of a larger one like I envionsed but they will do. *Crossing my fingers I get them*

Ali Richardson 4/11/2011  

Ooooh, awesome! It looks great :)

Anonymous,  4/11/2011  

Love the table! It looks great in that space, and I think you should definitely do a rug. Why not?

Anna@Directions Not Included 4/11/2011  

The table looks great. I'll work the hubby over there on those two side tables. I'm loving them ;)

Nuha 4/12/2011  

what if you put the end tables between the chairs on either side? And I think the room would look so good with a rug. You've done a great job already!

A Vintage Vine 4/12/2011  

Love the table!! I still love those end tables...maybe you can find a place for them!!

Unknown 4/13/2011  

I love the midcentury modern loook to them! Such a great score!! And I agree, a rug would make that table just perfect:) Love your posts girl!

Kristin Miracle Lewis @ west on cole 6/16/2011  

I LOVE this coffee table and love the new rug!!

Beth at 7/13/2011  

Is that a George Nakashima table?

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