Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bed Ideas - Sister Files

I have been in a bit of a DIY slump. I'm not sure if it's stress at work or life in general. I will hopefully get back on the saddle soon.  For now, I will continue to come up with ideas for my sister's apartment.  She wants to make an upholstered headboard after falling in love with mine.  I've suggested a few fabrics and styles for her and I wanted to show her some samples. 

This first one is an imperial trellis in a rectangular/flat shape headboard.  I love the colors here, but my sister's more of a pink/fushia girl.
This next headboard is amazing. It is being used for a daybed in the picture below, but you get the idea.  I am thinking this shape and pink toile fabric may be perfect for her.  I have to try and convince my hubby to cut out the wood for me.  Love you babe!
David Fenton via La Dolce Vita
On Saturday, we are going over to her apartment to measure it out, take pictures of ALL her furniture to sell, and try and get estimates to refinish her wood floors.  She currently has a very light wood and I've suggested giving it a darker finish. 

I'm loving this whole girly eclectic style she is going for. I've been seeing so many amazing things.  Oh, I also got a Dairy Queen blizzard today as a thank you for my 'design' services. Love it.


Wonderfully Domestic 4/14/2011  

I'm sure whatever you do will turn out great! It seems like it is also a little bit of a departure from your own personal style...I can't wait to see!

Oh, and a Blizzard is awesome payment for your services :)

Dina @ Honey + Fitz 4/14/2011  

I have had that image of the girly daybed in the Quadrille fabric saved forever. I've decided that even if I never have a little girl, I will create a space like that for myself :)

Anonymous,  4/14/2011  

ooh i love love love the colors in the first pic!! but i know that whatever you figure out for your sis, it will be beautiful & perfectly poised just 'for her'. :)

Unknown 4/14/2011  

mmm.. blizzard! I love your inspiration photos. You sister is lucky to have your help!

Kirsten Krason 4/14/2011  

I love that first picture. You can't go wrong with imperial trellis!

Anna@Directions Not Included 4/14/2011  

Love, love, love the first one. Can't wait to see how it all ends up turning out.

###### 4/15/2011  

a blizzard is a great way to thank yourself..LOVE IT.

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