Monday, April 18, 2011

Week-End Finds: Sister Files

My sister and I went out Saturday in hopes that we would find some of the pieces she needs for her apartment remodel. I think her stars were aligned on Saturday. We went to the Faith Farm Thrift Store about an hour north of us.  We were watching our other sisters two kids and when we got there, my nephew didn't want to get out of the car. When he finally decided he was ready, it was raining. But somehow, through all that, we had a fantastic outing!

I basically walked around pointing things out and my sister was totally feeling everything we saw.  I think she only needs two more furniture pieces to finish it all off.  I only have phone pictures of some of our finds.  She is renting a truck to pick everything up and I'll get pictures then.  This coffee table is amazing.  One of our favorite pieces.  This is basically determining the color scheme for the whole living room area.
This dining table was $35.00.  We're not sure if it's staying wood or getting painted.
My sister was all excited with everything she had found and then we ran into this.  I literally gasped when I saw this sofa.  We had been online last week for a couple of hours and she fell in love with this style.  It needs some new cushions/stuffing and major reupholstering, but the lines are exactly what she was looking for.  It was $75.00.  We were great babysitters, notice my nephews hand in his mouth while sitting on a nasty old cushion.  My niece's knees are filthy and she was all sweaty! It was hot and muggy.  But we had fun, that's what matters, right?
We also found the two most amazing chairs for her dining table. AMAZING, but I have no picture.  They are a crusty velvet right now.  I will post a picture when she picks them up.  We found a side chair for her sofa area and a beautiful china cabinet.  I also found a marble top that I've been looking for.  However, that one is stuck in my sisters car.  I need man power to lift that one.  I would have to say this was an unbelievably successful thrifting day. Like no other.


Inga´s Haven 4/18/2011  

Wow i´m so happy that you commented on my blog and that I checked your blog out - your house is so PRETTY, and you have great style :D i´m following you back ;)

Stitchfork 4/18/2011  

What great weekend finds! You brought your sister good luck!
xo Cathy

Anonymous,  4/18/2011  

really amazing finds.. congrats! loving that coffee table!

Ali Richardson 4/18/2011  

AWESOME!!!!! I'm dying over that sofa!

Cassie 4/19/2011  

That store must be an awesome place to travel to! Great pieces you found! This post makes me miss my sisters and our shopping adventures!

A Vintage Vine 4/19/2011  

Great finds! The little ones are so cute!

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