Friday, April 8, 2011

Gallery Wall Inspiration - Sister Files

My sister is looking to completely redo her entire apartment.  She lives by the beach in a cozy 450 square foot one bedroom apartment.  We've come up with a plan and I'm going to being finding some inspiration photos as we figure out her new style...girly eclectic.  One of the elements that she's liking is the idea of a gallery wall in her bedroom.  She has a large wall in front of her bed.  Here are some ideas.
Domino Magazine via My Modern Met

Emily Henderson via Casasugar

Elle Decor via Lovely B

So Haute Style
Check out Lovely B for some amazing Gallery Wall Inspiration photos. I could have copied everyone from her post.  They were that amazing.


Vicky 4/08/2011  

I have a gallery in my dining room. Love it.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design 4/08/2011  

I love that idea and am considering it for a wall in my family room. Can't wait to see the end result of your sister's space.

Cameron Curran 4/08/2011  

I started mine this week. I already have changes in mind, but that is what is so fun about it!

Ashley 4/08/2011  

Perfect inspiration! Please share the results when you two are done!

Cassie 4/08/2011  

I'm going to check her post out. LOTS of lovely photos here. I definitely like the gallery wall.

LBB 4/09/2011  

I love gallery walls! They're so much fun to put together :) We have one in the dinning room & I just made one for my girls art work along the stairs to the basement. Great inspiration photos!!

Swirls of Happy 4/09/2011  

I want to live in a cozy home by the beach!!!! Great pics, the first is my fav :)

Anonymous,  4/11/2011  

I saw a wall just like these ones on the Ikea website! Love gallery walls.

Lovely B. 5/05/2011  

Thanks so much for the shout out :) I've been a bit behind on blogging lately, but I must say, your site is filled with so many great ideas and lots of inspiration. Will definitely be back!

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