Friday, April 15, 2011

Retro Pillows

So I wrote a couple of days ago about searching for pillows for my family room.  Well, I've decided to go in a completely different direction.  After spending HOURS on Etsy and online, I was so drawn to these pillows.  I love all the gorgeous fabrics out there, ikat, suzani, chevron, etc., but are they me?  In working with my sister, I realized that I could get my fix of these amazing textiles through her and I would do what I really wanted for me.  Perfect!  So I found the etsy shop Mia&Stitch, who carries this mid century inspired fabric by John Lewis out of the UK.  I bought two of these and I couldn't be more excited.

Mia & Stitch

Now, the only problem I have is that I'm in love with these last two pillows as well, by Louise35Flower.  They are more fabrics by John Lewis and I love the retro vintage feel they have.  First question, do you think they would all go together well.  Second, is it worth spending more than I wanted to on these (I need a bigger size than what's listed).  They are out of the UK and the pound is high and the shipping is too.  Oh, so sad.  I may have to just do it. 

These fabrics are so off of what my usual comfort level with pattern is, but I think my style is evolving.  What do you think?


Bri@Meyouandawiener 4/15/2011  

I can only offer words of "the first ones are pretty" I am not really a pillow person. Believe it or not I got rid of all my pillows on my sofa because they got in my way.

They look pretty good together though.

Life, Crafts and Whatever 4/15/2011  

I think they go well together. They may cost a bit, but I'm the type who would try and recreate them myself. Iron on fabric, Silhouette, freezer paper, etc. :)

Amy 4/15/2011  

I think they are fun and add a little whimsy! Enjoy them :)
Amy ~mysunshineshere

Carrie @ Hazardous Design 4/15/2011  

I think they will be perfect for they style of your home, and yes, they definitely go together. As far as spending the cash, you'll never regret buying them if you love them. If you spend less money on something you don't like as much, then isn't that just a waste of money? Go for it!

OLD BRAND NEW 4/15/2011  

I think YES on all of them. Thanks for finding these. I'm jotting these down on my bday list! woot woot! Have a fab weekend!

Amber B (Simple Dwellings) 4/16/2011  

I love these pillows- and they will work great together. They all have some similar colors, which help to bring them together. All 3 give you a chance to work gray and yellow into the room in other places, and the first pillow helps to add red to the space. How fun and exciting! I say go for it- when you find something you really love- it's worth it!! :)

karen @ our slo house 4/17/2011  

Oh wow. I usually don't put that much thought into accent cushions, but those are just yummy. I especially love the first one.

Nyssa 4/17/2011  

Those are beautiful pillows and yes they would be lovely together! Whenever I debate with myself over spend money I usually give it some time. Eventually I either come to the conclusion that the item is exactly what I want and purchase it or I end up finding something else for cheaper that I love just as much!

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt 4/17/2011  

I think the 1st ones are quite delicious and would allow your style to evolve without making you lose sight of your vision and your comfort level. I say rock it out with the pillows. Afterall...they are just pillows and not a sofa or chair. The commitment to them can be light hearted based on how well they work or not work in your home.

e {from the CoB}

louise35flower 4/25/2011  

The covers you bought look great, i love a big print on a cover, sorry to have given you cushion dilemmas, hopefully we can find a happy solution for you
louise x

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