Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Laundry Room Progress

Last month I showed you a preview of my disgusting and embarrassing laundry room. I've been slowly working on it and making small changes. It will never be a beautiful, simple, uncluttered room.  Too much stuff has to fit in here and I have to keep it real.  Just to remind you of what it looked like the day I started. This is not a posed picture, this is for real.
 Here it is after some organization done during my spring break. 
I decided to remove the closet doors and replace them with some cute curtains. The doors just took up too much space when open.  
I decided to use all my available wall space in here.  These purses are not ones I use often so I decided to put some command hooks (which half have fallen) and nails to free up an entire shelf inside the closet. 
Here are my organization bins.  I had used my trusty old label maker to label each box. Looks kind of ugly if you ask me.
So I made new labels (thanks to my sister-in-law for the inspiration) and reorganized the shelves a bit more.
Here's a close up. I just used Microsoft Word and did the outline first and just wrote the words inside. Super simple. I used double sided tape to attach to the boxes.
Here's my cleaning supply, linen closet, throw whatever I can space of my laundry room. Disgusting.
I bought some new bins, got rid of stuff, and actually folded the items in there.  
I got a couple new rugs at Target. I think they are bath rugs, but they go with the bins I bought and are the perfect size.
 Here's a close up of the bins
 and of the labels.
I still have some other ideas that I'm waiting for inspiration to hit me. Let's see if that happens.
If only I could get somebody to do my laundry for me. Ugh. Possibly my least favorite thing to do.



Unknown 4/20/2011  

I could only dream of being that organized!

Wonderfully Domestic 4/20/2011  

Looks great! I seem to recognize the pattern on those know it is one of my favorites!

Anonymous,  4/20/2011  

Great job on the laundry room! I love how you replaced the closet doors with a pretty curtain, and everything matches! I'm jealous. You should see my laundry room... yikes.

Dwellings by DeVore 4/20/2011  

super cute! I wish I had a laundry room to organize, ours is a tiny closet.

Kristin 4/20/2011  

I love it. The little tags are adorable. I just did a linen closet makeover and it felt SO good. You can see it at my blog:

PJ @ Planned in Pencil 4/20/2011  

I adore the black and white bins, I love the pattern and black and white is one of my favorite (non) color combinatiion! I love your blog! but I'm not doing your laundry! I don't even want to do my own laundry!

elizabeth@themustardceiling 4/20/2011  

Your laundry room looks great now, I love the turquoise and black and white bins you've used to organize. Nice work.

Ali Richardson 4/20/2011  

Lookin' good!!! Seriously, my command hooks never hold! I'm not a fan!

Ashley 4/20/2011  

WOW! What organization! Love the fact that you labeled everything--very, very impressive.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design 4/20/2011  

Impressive work!!!
I always love when I give a room in my house a good organization makeover. Doesn't it feel so satisfying to walk in there and find exactly what you are looking for?

Joi 4/20/2011  

Haha! I love label makers, too!

A Vintage Vine 4/21/2011  

The curtains are such a great idea!!! I am thinking about using something similar in my cloffice....did you buy them or make them? Great job on the bins...really cute labels!

Elizabeth@themustardceiling 10/06/2011  

I love the changes you made to your laundry room, I remember it from when you posted in April. Seeing your transformation helped me make the decision to re-do mine. Thanks for linking up to the Roomspiration party!

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