Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our Master Bedroom-After

I've been on a quest to incorporate color into our room.  Our room is small, or cozy as some would say. The high ceilings definitely help the space feel bigger than it actually is.  These ceilings are one of, or the main reason we bought our house. We had the beams stained a darker tone a few years back. I added pillows, a bench, and some accessories.
Here's a good view of our upholstered headboard and Ikea Hopen nightstand fix-up.
My nightstand with our spray painted trays.  The bowls you see there were actually my cousin's wedding favors. Her husband is an incredible artist who makes the most beautiful pottery.  Visit his shop at RM Pottery. 
My husband's night stand. I found that little bird at the Dollar Tree and spray painted it white.
Here's a head on view of our bed. I can't get any farther away from this point, remember my tiny/cozy room.
This is our west facing wall where we enter our room.  The closet is the master closet, hence the need for the Ikea Pax Wardrobe. The photographs were taken by me in Budapest. The first one is St. Stephen's Cathedral and the second one is the view of Buda from Pest (I think). If you look closely, you will see my husband.  No, not the giant burly statue, the one behind, imitating the statue. I absolutely love this picture.
So just a little reminder of what our room looked like before.
Grey overload
and now
What do you think?  I may eventually want to replace the quilt/cover, but we love the amount of warmth it provides. Being in South Florida something light is important, even with our air going full blast. It's starting to look a little worn.  Let's see what happens.



Unknown 3/09/2011  

Stunning! Seriously amazing! Great job!

KLM 3/09/2011  

Love it! It does have that warmth but all the colors bring out some 'coolness' to it! :)

Unknown 3/09/2011  

What a great transformation. I feel your paint with the before! I don't think you should replace the bedding.. actually I was wondering where it was from?

Amber B (Simple Dwellings) 3/09/2011  

Wow- amazing transformation! It looks beautiful. I love the colors you added to the space. And the deals you found are amazing too!

Anna@Directions Not Included 3/09/2011  

The change you've made in this room is amazing. It looks so inviting. Thanks for the mention :)

Anonymous,  3/09/2011  

This looks incredible! I love all the pops of yellow.

What an awesome transformation :)

LBB 3/09/2011  

Such a great change!! Love the pops of color :)

jeanette from everton terrace 3/09/2011  

The warmth of the color switch is perfect!

Anonymous,  3/09/2011  

i love it! love the warmth, and the great use of fabrics! pat on the back girlie!! :)

Camilla 3/09/2011  

Jeanne, AWESOME! I can NOT believe the before picture. So crazy. Have you heard of the Creative Estates Blog Conference? Have you considered going? I want to go but I would not know a SOUL there.

Carol@TheDesignPages 3/09/2011  

The room looks amazing. So warm and inviting. I love all the pops of yellow to brighten up the neutrals. Well done!!

Amy 3/09/2011  

Love all the pops of yellow. Looks great.

Unknown 3/09/2011  

Nice - love the trays.

Jodi 3/09/2011  

I love the colors, perfect! It just looks so cozy.


Cassie 3/10/2011  

It looks wonderful! Our new home has would vaulted ceilings and I am so excited about them. I like how you stained your beams.

Ali Richardson 3/10/2011  

It looks SO beautiful!!! Your headboard is SO dreamy by the way!!

A Vintage Vine 3/11/2011  

Loving your room! The before pictures, WOW, things have changed!!!

TexWisGirl 3/11/2011  

Hi there. Just came over from Roundabout to say hi and congrats! LOVE the yellow splashes you put in your room (and the perfect white birdie). :)

Jon'el 3/11/2011  

I love your bedroom makeover! I just noticed you follow my blog, I feel so special since you are my first follower. Funny how I am trying to figure out if what upholstered bed with nailhead trim. Yours looks amazing though =) I waver between something simple and classic like yours with something bold or patterned. So many decisions.

Elle Uy 3/16/2011  

definitely soo much better! Adding those colors here and there makes such huge difference. You did an amazing job!

Kim @ keller-creative 6/06/2011  

I love the beams and addition of yellow. Room looks great!

Ashley@ 6/06/2011  

OH MY GOSH! Gorgeous room! LOVE everything about it! NICE JOB!!!

Elisa 6/07/2011  

Love all the different pillows! The master looks so soft and inviting.

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage 9/30/2011  

Love love love the colors and warmth in your bedroom!! Stopping by today from the Roomspiration party- now following :) I would love for you to come share at Feathered Nest Friday at my blog sometime! :)

Elizabeth@themustardceiling 9/30/2011  

So pretty! I love the changes you have made. It is very soothing and warm. The soft warm gray works beautifully with the touches of yellow and I love your beamed ceiling.

rachel @ Just a Touch of Gray 9/30/2011  

Such a beautiful space! I love your headboard and the pops of yellow all around -- especially the trays on the nightstands! Bravo! I'm so glad you linked up to Roomspiration today!

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