Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week-End Finds

I don't have any actual thrift store finds this week (too sick to go anywhere), but I do have some great finds that were given to me by my dear friend.  They've been working on her father-in-laws estate and were ready to call for the furniture and goods to be picked up for donation.  I went over as I will be helping her get the house ready for renters, which I am very excited about. My friend is an accountant (tax season) and has 3 kids under the age of 4.  She does not have the time to go searching for tiles, fixtures, paint colors, etc.  So she has asked me to help her.  Mr. W. had been living in his home for 50+ years and had the same rug, kitchen, and furniture for all those years.  This is where I come in, I'm totally loving pieces of furniture from that time.  My friend told me to take whatever I wanted, because it would be less for them to have to worry about.  So I lovingly agreed. 

My grandmother had one of these tables in her house. I love!
 Here's another angle.
 This was my favorite piece.   I think I have already found a home for it in my family room
These lamps are amazing. I suggested that my friend keep them for her master bedroom.  I told her I would clean and fix them up for her.  I'll let you know the progress on those. They are sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be cleaned.
 The texture on them is beautiful, I'm just not sure how to clean it.
 I loved the blue in this ceramic lamp.
 I thought this old suitcase had so much character. 
 Here is everything together.
I'm loving all of this weeks finds. I wish I had more space in my house.  What do you do with stuff that you have no space for?


A Vintage Vine 3/01/2011  

Loving it all!!!! Those lamps are really swanky! I'll be sure and vote again today!

Anna@Directions Not Included 3/01/2011  

Such great stuff! You give it to loving friends and family ;)

jeanette from everton terrace 3/01/2011  

I have that suitcase, well it's part of a 3 piece set. It was my mother in laws and she took it on her honeymoon with her :)
I stopped buying or accepting things unless I know exactly where they will go before they come home. However, I am starting to collect things for another shop I'm opening so it is kind of piling up again but knowing it will be going keeps me sane. Hate clutter :)

Anonymous,  3/01/2011  

Ok i'm soooo loving those lamps! I went thrift store hunting yesterday! I found a cake plate i'm redoing! It's georgeous! and i also found a mirror i''m gonna redo! I'll blog about them when I get those projects done.
I love thrift shopping it makes me happy!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY 3/01/2011  

Oh I just DIED over that vintage suitcase! I have been scouring the Earth for one taht wont cost me and arm and my future first born

Anonymous,  3/01/2011  

I love love love those lamps with the texture. Im not sure how to clean them either. I just went thrifting today during my lunch hours and found 3 new little projects. So much fun!

mary 3/01/2011  

Those tables.are.amazing. Anxiously awaiting your transformation!!!

ARK 3/02/2011  

FUN TIMES!!! Loving the lamps!

Kim Franklin 3/02/2011  

Oh my goodness I am in LOVE with that coffee table, I love how tall and narrow it is... and the shelf below for storage.... how awesome is that! Do you have a duplicate? haha

-Much love, Kim and Mr. Gnome

Anonymous,  3/02/2011  

Love the lamps!!! If you love it, you will find a place for it! That's my motto!!! lol! Slight hoarding prob here... :)

Kellie Collis 3/03/2011  

These are gorgeous finds! That suitcase is a beauty! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

Boden 4/01/2011  

Seriously jealous of your thrifting skills! Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you back!

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