Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Easter Wreath

We had a very lazy Sunday, which allowed me to work on some projects. I found really cute tulle in yellow, pink, and light blue at Goodwill last week and figured it would be perfect for some Easter decorations. 

First, I wrapped a straw wreath from Michael's in white satin ribbon.  I wanted a little sheen under the very see through tulle.
I then hot glued the three colors of tulle.  I kind of gathered the tulle so the color would show through.
I wrapped it around and just hot glued every so often to keep it secure.
Once all wrapped, I hot glued the end and placed a pin to just hold the tulle.
I had found these eggs at Michael's and had them in mind for another project, but the colors were perfect for this.  
I decided to wrap it around the wreath two rows at a time. 
My husband actually came up with this idea. I didn't want the back of the wreath to be bulky and didn't want to waste eggs on the back, so he asked me for a piece of yarn and came up with this.  I still hot glued the egg to the wreath, but the yarn allows me to not have to cut the string of eggs and acts as an extra support.  Can I tell you how sweet is was to see my husband working on this wreath. I think if he sees this post, he will not be too happy. 
Here's what the back looks like.
Here it is.  
The top loop looks a little different from the others, but let's just say that was intentional.  Cute, eh?  I'm hosting Easter brunch this year, so I gotta get some decorations going. I have nothing in my big old box of holiday stuff.

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KLM 3/15/2011  

Love the wreath. I really like it in the sense that it's different. It doesn't have bunnies and flowers all over it. It's unique :)

Jenn 3/15/2011  

It looks yummy :))

Unknown 3/15/2011  

I like it! easter wreathes are hard because everything is so pastely sweet, but this looks great!

ARK 3/15/2011  

awww..pretty! I'm not usually a fan pf pastels, but love the modern edge yours has and love the asymmetry...pretty pretty!

jeanette from everton terrace 3/15/2011  

Cute. Since my daughter has grown and left home, I forget about these holidays. Probably be fun again when I have grandkids :)

Unknown 3/17/2011  

Such a sweet wreath! Love the classic colors, but still looks so modern.

A Vintage Vine 3/17/2011  

Great job! I am so loving the tulle wrap effect! You are one creative gal!!!

Screaming Sardine 3/17/2011  

That's so pretty. I really love the look of the multi-colored tulle. :)

Thanks for sharing,
Tracy http://allthumbscrafts.blogspot.com/

At The Picket Fence 3/18/2011  

That is super cute and something even a non-crafty person like me could do! :-) I love that your hubby got involved and we won't tell him that you told us that! Thanks so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday this week!

Unknown 3/18/2011  

What a beautiful wreath. The tulle looks so pretty!

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kristi@ishouldbemoppingthefloor 3/18/2011  

Love your use of tulle in this! What a lovely wreath. Really pretty!

Anonymous,  3/18/2011  

What a cute wreath! It is crazy that is Easter Time already!

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home 3/18/2011  

Love your wreath! So pretty for Easter!

Mary 3/20/2011  

I like how delicate and sweet it looks!


BuyAionAccount 3/23/2011  

It really is cute! I love the colors.

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Homeroad 3/25/2011  

Very Springy! Thanks for linking up!

My Dream Canvas 4/01/2011  

Wow, this looks lovely. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas.

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