Monday, March 28, 2011

Hanging in the Sun

Due to the Birthday festivities, I had to figure out how to get my sunburst mirror hung (See tutorial here).  I've been wanting to fix up my house for spring and figured what is better than some sun in the room. We hung it last weekend and about an hour into it,  and the mirror fell.  We had some friends over and we were talking about my project, and it just fell, the timing was hilarious.  Before reattaching the mirror, I decided to give a coat of spray polyurethane to protect it. I love the richness it added to the wood. I went to Home Depot and bought mirror mastic, it's kind of like liquid nails.  My hubby just put a bunch of it on the back of the mirror and we just pressed it onto the wood shims and placed 4 really heavy books on it overnight.  It's been up since Friday and it seems to be holding up well.
My house has very limited wall space.  It's a very open layout and we have a bunch of windows and french doors.  When we redid our family room we just changed up the accessories on these wood blocks from West Elm. They have held candles, candle holders, and now my spray painted owl.  I've been a little over this corner, but really didn't have anything to put up.  So here comes in my sunburst mirror.  Our TV console is very modern (I'd love to replace this with some cool mid century piece, but that's not happening), which needs to be toned down a bit.  I thought this rustic mirror would be perfect.  The mirror is perfectly centered on the shims (I just measured). In the pictures it looks like it's hanging low. 
I've also been playing around with my accessories a bit.  I hear all this talk about vignettes, and I realize I have no talent for that! Any suggestions?  So what do you think of my new sunburst mirror?


Homeroad 3/28/2011  

I love it! It really looks great in your beautiful space!
Susan @

Rashon Carraway 3/28/2011  

I agree with Susan.

It looks amazing in the space.

Especially with the recessed lighting illuminating it.

So glad you were able to hang it.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Kim@Chattafabulous 3/28/2011  

Looks fantastic! I plan to try one of these myself - thanks for sharing yours!

Unknown 3/28/2011  

This mirror is truly amazing!

Anonymous,  3/28/2011  

I love, completely, totally love it! I might just need to try copying it!

(I hope you don't mind)

Stitchfork 3/28/2011  

Your sun mirror looks Brilliant!
xo Cathy

NicPic Photography 3/28/2011  

idk if i commented before, but thanks for following me!!!!!!! i really get super excited when i get a new follower (being that i have only 8!)...and i'm super excited to read all about your life!!

Anonymous,  3/28/2011  

love it!

Haley 3/28/2011  

love love love it! perfect decor to welcome spring :) And I love that your home has lots of windows! Great job, and thanks for the tutorial link :)

Jena @ Involving Color and Home 3/28/2011  

I LOVE this sunburst mirror! I can't believe you made it. It looks fantastic. So glad I came across your blog. I'm a new follower.

Unknown 3/28/2011  

I think I really really love it! It looks great illuminated by the pot lights!

Jon'el 3/28/2011  

I love it! It really looks amazing and I really didn't think it was that huge but I like the fullness of it.

jen deibert jewelry 3/28/2011  

wow, COOL mirror! thanks so much for checking out my baby blog-i was under the impression nobody would ever find it! ;) i look forward to seeing yours everyday...thanks!!

A Vintage Vine 3/29/2011  

Love it there! Really changes up that wall!

Swirls of Happy 3/29/2011  

I have got to make one of these! I love it! Nice job :) P.S. I am a new follower and love your blog!

Anonymous,  3/29/2011  

The mirror turned out great-you did fantastic! (found you via swirls of happy)

April 4/10/2011  

I love this mirror!!! Who knew wood shims could look so chic!

Anonymous,  4/10/2011  

Hiya I'm a new follower from the Creative Bloggers Party & Hop. I would love it if you would stop by A Little of This and a Little of That and follow back. I hope you have a fabulous week.

♥ Miss Tea 4/11/2011  

it looks fab in your beautiful space, gorgeous!! loving it!

i'm your newest follower from the Bloggers Party and Hop at TypeAdecorating.

Susan at

Kimberlea@SaVvyDeCor 4/11/2011  

I love the mirror and I love the spot you placed it. Perfect. This is a project I must do! So far my favorite DIY sunburst. GREAT JOB!

Twigs and Twirls 4/11/2011  

This looks great. I have been playing with the idea to make one myself and after seeing this it definately is a must do.

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime 4/13/2011  

Your mirror is awesome! Great job! Really appreciate you linking this up at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.

Mel 4/21/2011  

Really gorgeous. I love how substantial it is!

Unknown 6/13/2011  

I really love this mirror. I am in the process of following your tutorial but I only had one pack of wooden shims. I am going to go get some more in the morning and Im so glad I took the time to re-read your post so that I will know that Mirror Mastic is the way to go...your's is beautiful! Hope mine turns out good:)

The Scott's Crib 6/27/2011  

Hey, I didn't see your email address and I remember you telling me to let you know when I finished my version of your lovely creation. I just wanted to stop back by and share it with you. It turned out good and Im glad you provided me with a very necessary tutorial. Until our next project...

Kelly Vruggink 1/19/2013  

I love your mirror; great job! I was wondering what you used to attach the wall hanging on the back of the mirror. Did you attach it to the shims or did you have a backing behind the shims once you were done? Thanks!

Unknown 5/05/2016  

Everyone comments how nice and beautiful this sunburst mirror project is, but no one ever asks or at least I don't see any comments about some of the crucial issues when making the project. For instance,what length the sticks are. Like if you used paint sticks do you have to have the really long ones as well as the regular sized ones, also do you have to cut the ends off straight to avoid the curve in the handle showing and if you use a square back board, what size to use. Do you glue the sticks directly to the side of the mirror or to the back board? Every blog ive seen never seems to address any of these important issues. How does a novice like myself attempt to do this without further help. Pls. help I would love to try to make one but there are so many unanswered questions.

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