Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Lady of the House Blog Swap

I am so excited to be doing a blog swap today.  I'll be over at First Lady of the House sharing a new/old end table from last weeks finds.  Camilla will be here sharing the most adorable St. Patty's day tutorial. 
Hi, My name is Camilla from over at First Lady of the House!

This is my first time Guest Posting ANYWHERE! But I'm really excited to be guest posting here at JandJHome. I don't remember how I stumbled upon this blog but I saw her Zebra Bench and had to feature it on my blog, and then I've seen her bench Everywhere on Blog land since then! (I'm not saying in anyway that I had anything to do with that, just that I saw the bench and I just seem to see it everywhere now).

So Today I wanted to share with you a St. Patty's Day shirt and Hair Bob's tutorial that I made for my daughter.

Here are the supplies needed:
  • Any Rhinestone pattern (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby in the St. Patrick's Day stuff)
  • T-Shirt
  • Iron

I just followed the manufacturers instructions on the back of the package.
Peel off back of package, place where wanted, turn fabric inside out, and iron accordingly
before ironing, but with fabric turned inside out.
after ironing, fabric still inside out. It will appear darker after ironing.
Let sit for a few minutes to cool down.
Turn inside out and peel off OTHER plastic sheet

 And Wa-La! It's done!

So then I decided my daughter needed cute "Hair Bobs" to go with the cute shirt.
I already had felt on hand so I didn't have to buy that. I just made rough circles and hot glued them together and placed a button on top with glue gun as well. I then trimmed them down to how big I really wanted them. Add an Alligator clip to the back (with hot glue, again).

I think the whole outfit turned out so cute! She added her Green Target Wellies and looks so adorable.
Thanks for letting me stop by!
Don't forget to skip on over to my blog and check out my other projects.

I'm in love! What a cutie pie! I love the shirt, hair bobs, boots, and the model the best. Did you see the last pose...please! 
What a great tutorial and it looks simple enough to replicate. I'm seeing inspiration coming my way.  Thank you so much Camilla, I loved having you here.


Camilla 3/08/2011  

Thanks for letting me come and be a part of your blog for a day! How much fun! I seriously love the side table and I'm jealous of your big window behind your couch! great lighting.

Mallory 3/08/2011  

Awww! Precious! I'm going to hop over to your blog and check it out! :)

ARK 3/08/2011  

super cute! oh how I wish I had a girlie!! :)

SoHo Street Chic 3/08/2011  

what a great idea! and so cute...

LBB 3/08/2011  

SO cute ! My girls would love those hair bobs!

Lili 3/08/2011  

cute & easy project!

Unknown 3/09/2011  

Looooovely! And it looks pretty simple to do! I'll try it! Dear J, Happy Women's Day! XoXo :)

Anonymous,  3/09/2011  

so cute! and the model is oh so adorable!!

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