Monday, November 8, 2010

Week-End Finds

A couple of years ago, my mom, sisters, and I would stop at a garage sale on a Saturday morning on the way to the mall.  We always had so much fun doing it, that we started planning our Saturday mornings around it.  First stop, Cuban bakery for some 'pastelitos' pastries and then a morning of garage sales. 

Thrift stores were really not a place I ever frequented, unless looking for a Halloween costume years ago.  When I first discovered design/decorating blogs, I realized the things that people were finding at thrift stores were pretty amazing.  So I decided to go find myself an owl and was hooked.  I find myself leaving work and making a little stop on my way home.  If my husband is at a game on a Sunday, I may take a little trip.  I have even gotten my sisters involved.  On Friday, after work, we took a trip to the Faith Farm Thrift Store big sale event.  We had my niece and nephew in tow and ended up being out until 10:00 p.m.  Of course, we made a stop for dinner on the way home. 

I've decided to do a weekly recap on Mondays of all the things I find throughout the week.  Here are my finds for the week.

This little footstool is so cute.  It cost me a whole $3.00.  Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, maybe just clean it up and stain the legs, or reupholster it.  I have to think about this one.

This is definitely not the prettiest of finds, but a very practical one. It's a standing cooler, so our party guests don't have to bend down to get a beer, it even has an opener on the side.  It was $5.00 at a garage sale.  I plan to spray paint this beauty. 

This lamp was my last post.  I found it for $8.00 at Goodwill.  I spray painted it white the same day I brought it home.  I'm loving it for my new office.

Do you have any good finds lately?

*** Edit post-I added my $3.00 stool to a linky party at:


Kim@Chattafabulous 11/08/2010  

I'm trying to stay away until I get my current finds re-finished. It's tough, though. Our Goodwill here had their monthly 50% off (everything in the store!) Saturday. I didn't go...

Danielle Oakey Interiors 11/08/2010  

i love love love that stand up cooler! I am always on the hunt for goodwill finds, i am so addicted!

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals 12/03/2010  

Hooray thanks for linking up! I love the cooler, it just so! I cant wait to see what you do with it! And the stool for $3.00 is a killer find, I might be a little jealous but we can still be friends.

love your guts

Amanda Lee 12/03/2010  

Great finds! I'm a bit jealous of your cooler -- and I think I owned your brass lamp back in the eighties!

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