Monday, November 22, 2010

Week-End Finds

Last week was pretty busy for me. Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner and catching this horrible cold just added to it.  I had only one good find this week. 

I love the shape and I think it's perfect for my family room.

The next few pictures are also thrift finds, but from my first few trips to thrift stores.  When I first discovered thrift stores, my mom, sisters, and I, all headed to a nearby "mall" of thrift stores. One of the stores was huge.  I found these two boxes at two ends of the store and thought I could make them work.

 I spray painted this textured one in white and it's sitting in my family room.  Have you had any good finds?


Unknown 11/22/2010  

Lovely findings! Get well soon! Xoxo Maca

My Interior Life 11/22/2010  

I've had a crummy cold but still managed to do some treasure hunting as well. You should check out my latest thrift store finds!

Love your finds!

Kellie Collis 11/23/2010  

I'm loving the beautiful shallow bowl! It looks so lovely on your table! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

jandjhome 11/23/2010  

Thanks! I love finding your comments!

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