Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Family Room

I finally think I have the family room where I am happy with it.  I haven't decided what to do with the windows, so I will just leave them as is.  The color is Sherwin Williams Anew Gray, but we had the store add in a little bit of Sherwin Williams Mega Greige just to deepen it a little bit. The color works so well in the space, I actually love it.

This is a reminder of the before (when we bought the house). Lovely isn't it?

Here is the after, I tried to get the same angle.  This is what you see as you walk into the room.  We removed the paneling and the fireplace and put in two sets of french doors. We changed the windows, floors, and added central a/c.

This before is the angle from between the couches. 

We widened the opening and got rid of the wood patch up on the wall, allowing our kitchen to be open to the family room.  It allows for better flow and these two rooms are the most used in our house.

This angle below is standing by the kitchen.  We chose two full sofas, instead of a sectional. We love the amount of seating and comfort of the sofas.

Here is the angle standing in front of the TV looking at the main entrance of the family room from our dining/living room.  We have some custom made frames (I had to blur the pictures as per my husbands request, he's not sure about having his face on the Internet.)    

This is the same entrance mentioned above, looking into the family room.  Here we have a little seating area with my inspiration chairs and arc lamp.  This is basically what started this entire family room redo.  The garden stool was found at Big Lots last spring for $20.00.  I had intended to put it outside, but thought it added something to this corner. 

 Here's a close up of some of the pillows and our Kas ripple throw.  I've had the pillows for a while.  The damask one is probably 3 years old from CB2 and the green one is from ZGallerie on clearance last summer.   

I am very happy with how the room turned out.  It feels warmer and making the move away from beige walls was long overdue. What do you think?


Kim@Chattafabulous 11/23/2010  

I think it looks fantastic - and comfortable. Definitely a space I would want to hang out in!

Danielle Oakey Interiors 11/23/2010  

what an incredible transformation, you should be happy!

court. 11/23/2010  

amazing transformation!!!

A Perfect Gray 11/25/2010  

whoa! it doesn't look like the same room, does it? I think you've found your 'perfect gray' - it looks great. and i especially like the garden stool...

Carrie @ Hazardous Design 4/06/2011  

Your home is beautiful! From looking at the before pictures, I never would have thought it had so much potential! Wow! An amazing transformation.

newcombhome 5/03/2011  

Wow- what a change! Your family room looks fantastic. I love how you opened the space and added windows, but kept the wood ceiling, it adds some charm. LOVE it!

We have two full couches in our family room too - I thought it was an unusual choice so I'm happy to hear we're not the only ones!

Anonymous,  6/06/2011  

Your floors are striking...what material are they? Amazing transformations you are doing.

jandjhome 6/06/2011  

Hello, thanks for your comment. Our floors are Crema Selecta 24 inch polished marble pieces.

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