Thursday, November 18, 2010

DIY Monogram Wreath

I have been loving this  flower tutorial by Emily for some time.  Ever since I saw them, I've been trying to figure out what I could use them for.  After making my fall wreath last week, I wanted to keep making stuff.  So I used this tutorial via Nuestra Vida Dulce as inspiration.  I bought a small flat wreath at Michael's and wrapped it in a black yarn my mom had.  This was a bit more time consuming then the burlap I had previously used. 

Once wrapped, I followed the instructions to make the flowers.  This was relatively simple, but cutting the pattern was a little time consuming.  I used the pattern that was provided in the tutorial to make the white and beige flower.   For the yellow flower, I actually made the pattern for the flower a bit smaller.

I had bought our initial at Joann's to see what I could come up with.  I spray painted it white and glued it on to the wreath with the flowers.

Here it is on my Cork board.  I love it.



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