Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Curtains or No Curtains?

My family room is almost complete, well actually, it's at a complete standstill.  I want curtains, the husband not so much. Actually, he is refusing.  I love curtains, always have.  Every time I redecorated my room at my parents house, I would change the curtains. 

Right before moving in, we had wooden mahogany blinds put up in the whole house (which I hated the day they went up), except for our family room.  We could not agree on what we wanted, plus we loved the almost 180 degree view of our backyard, so we left the windows bare.  I still love that view, but I have always felt the room was missing something.  So when we painted the family room, I found the perfect curtains for the room.  I set/propped it up on our alarm and wall sconce and waited for my husband to get home.  No Go.  I have left it there hoping he would get used to it and give in.  Still not happening. 

In this first picture, I have the curtains propped up. Excuse the slantedness. (I know it's not a word)

Here, no curtains.

Same here, curtains.
No curtains.

Here is the view of the open windows during the day, while we were having it painted.  Sorry the previous pictures are at night.
Being that I am not a designer, I am also struggling with the fact that I have so many doors and windows.  Is it OK to just put curtains on the 4 corner windows, or do I have to put curtains on the doors.  I imagine this is a personal preference, but I really need help.  I am thinking just the windows, the curtains are a gray sheer, and I would not necessarily be drawing the curtains, so the view would not be obstructed.  Any suggestions/ideas?  Oh, and any suggestions on how I can convince the husband that we need these curtains? 


Style, Decor & More 8/22/2011  

I like it better with the curtains!
It dresses up the room and makes it more inviting.

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