Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Painting my Office

I decided to repaint my office. When we bought our house, we had painting contractors do the job. Our paint was flawless.  We chose mostly neutrals...well, beige in most of the house, except for our office.  We painted it Sherwin Williams Waterscape.  I have always loved the color, but it was not matching my new office ideas, plus it was all nicked and dirty.  When we repainted our family room, we hired some handy man/painter, they did a decent job.  So I decided to paint the office myself, what a disaster.  It has taken me 2 days, about 10 hours, 3 coats of paint, and I have finally finished.  I am covered in paint, but it's done. I painted it Sherwin Williams Extra White.  I don't have any pictures yet, I can't move my arms to lift the camera.  That's right, every part of my body hurts.   The picture below is the color before. 

I will have pictures tomorrow.  If I can move.


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