Saturday, October 30, 2010


I've been helping my sister fix up my nephew and niece's playroom.  It all started with our crazy trip to Ikea.  She found this table, chairs, and toy holders.  The colors were perfect for both a boy and girl. 

My cousin had painted these graphic squares to match my nephew's nursery.  Now that he is in his big boy room, they no longer matched and were sitting in his closet. 

So I changed the brown and beige to lime and pink.  I think they are so cute.

I found some frames at Goodwill and wanted to create an art wall. My nephew loves to "pinta" and is always coloring and drawing.   He's two and draws a person, with a body and legs. So I bought Rustoleum Key Lime spray paint and went at it.

I had my 2 year old nephew and just turned 1 year old niece over for painting.  We had them in the backyard (it's still 80 degrees here) in their diapers.  We used a paintbrush and some cut up sponges.  I had some acrylic paint from some old projects and let them paint. The first picture is my nephew.  Notice the band aids, he has one on both arms for no reason.

This is my niece with a paintbrush.  I love it.

For one of the frames, I wanted to make a corkboard like the one I did for my office.  I tried using corkboard tiles this time.  They were easier to work with, but don't look as nice on the finished board. 

In order to attach the Corkboard and cardboard backing to the frame, I actually used a staple gun.  This frame did not have the little bendable attachments to put the picture in place. 
Here is the finished wall. It looks so cute and my nephew is so proud of his art.
My sister still needs to paint the room and work on decluttering some of the areas, but I think this is great inspiration for her.  I love it and most of all the kids love it.


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