Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Office Before

Now that I've decided to redo our office, I want to show you some before pictures.  This first one is the office the day we got the house.  Notice the paint on the walls, baseboards, and the ceiling.  The previous owner was not renovating, this is how she lived.  She was using this as her master bedroom.  The only difference was the flooring. She had a remnant piece of red wall to wall carpeting that she was using as an area rug. 

This niched area was were she had her bed.  We decided to close off this area and make it a laundry room.  Something about the 40 year old washer and dryer in the shed out back were not working for me. Laundry is not fun as it is, imagine walking through the wet grass in 90 degree weather to see if my load is dry yet.

Here is the room during the construction.  We had framing done for the laundry room, AC closet, and pocket door.

Here is the office completed.  We have used the space like this for the past 6 years.  The intention was good, but aesthetically not so good.  Originally, we were each going to have a side of the desk.  We had this piece of marble that belonged to my in-laws and we bought 5, yes 5 filing cabinets to hold the desktop.  The big grey box you see below is my husband's DJ equipment.  This equipment has been on loan to him from a friend, since the day he decided to take DJ lessons. My husband is a hobby guy, loves to try new things...accentuate NEW things.  This DJ equipment has not been used in over a year, yet it lovingly hangs out in my house for inspiration, maybe.  The black ultra modern leather love seat is there for convenience.

Here is the desk side/dungeon.  The scattered goods you see everywhere are typical as this room serves as the dumping ground for everything.  Really why wouldn't it, it's a dungeon remember.  

So I've decided to redo this room.  I do have some limitations, the filing cabinets are in perfect shape.  It would be so wasteful to just toss them.  Can Formica be painted?   Money, I don't want to spend too much.  As much as I love modern, I don't love the ultra modern, black leather, chrome finishes type modern.  The love seat was lent to us by my parents when we had no living room furniture.  It ended up in the office. I would love a small love seat, but again spending money, when it's perfectly fine. The black leather chair, again, perfectly fine, and we have two of them. 

This will definitely be a work in progress and I will be sure to let you know how it goes.


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