Thursday, October 14, 2010

Built in Bookshelves

We created this built in bookshelf to divide the office and laundry room.  We had it custom built with minimal detailing to keep within our modern tastes.  Some of the shelves I am happy with the styling, others need work.  Which will all be worked on now that I am redoing this room. 

This Paris licence plate is sitting on top of our door frame.  My husband proposed to me in Paris in 2003.  Yes, very romantic.  So needless to say, I LOVE Paris.  We bought this off a guy in a little flea market selling licence plates during that trip. The color is off in the picture, it's more mustard in person. 

 A little more Paris in the room.

This clay water "porron" was given to me by grandmother.  It belonged to her parents over 65 years ago.  My great grandparents were originally from England and ended up in Cuba for about 20 years.  They took it with them when they left Cuba to Canada.  My grandmother then brought here when they passed away. This water jug was made from Cuban red dirt.  The rolled up paper is my grandmothers note to us explaining what it is. 

Here is the "porron" with David.

This ceramic pot was made by my other grandmother, Mamama.  She was a seamstress, painter, and so much fun.

These are some of the things that will be staying in my office.  They are also my inspiration.


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