Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fixing up my Backyard

As I mentioned earlier this week, we hosted my parents 40th wedding anniversary on Saturday. We hadn't hosted a party since my older sister's wedding party 3 years ago.  My backyard was in a sorry state.  Here are some pictures I took a while back.  Last week, the trees in the pots were actually brown, as to which my husband responded...why don't you just spray paint them.  I gave him a dirty look and went along my merry way to the nursery to buy some plants.  
Some other angles of the yard. Notice the wires hanging from the roof overhang. 
 Junk laying everywhere.
I spent all of last week working on the yard.  I hired a gardener to help me with the planters, a handyman to fix some broken things and hanging wires, and I had my cleaning lady bleach the floors for me.  Small disclaimer, this is not my ideal outdoor furnishings...I am working with what I have.  I added bougainvilleas to my white pots.  I added sheer curtains to the orchid arbor/bar area.
I fixed up this curbside table and garage sale chairs.
 I also worked with my old indoor West Elm couch and converted it to an outdoor couch. 
This is the other view.  Those french doors lead into our family room.
I dream about the day that I have a covered terrace and gorgeous limestone floors.  For now, I will have to live with my stained and cracked concrete and loads of sun.  The change has been drastic and I actually want to be outside.  It was worth all the work and can you believe I did it all in a week?  I'll be posting some of the individual projects that I worked on for my patio so you can see how everything came to be.  Have a great day.

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Susan @ 7/20/2011  

Your backyard is great! You did a wonderful job! If you're trying to keep things on a budget, just keep your eyes open for more curbside cast-offs and keep adding layers. Old pots for more planters, old gates you can layer against the house...You could even paint the cement and add an edging if you want to...But I think you've done a terrific job just the way it is now!!
PS Your grill is beautiful too!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper 7/20/2011  

wow! what a difference! it looks so fresh and pretty- love the colors out there! the couch is awesome, and the table and chairs are adorable! now i am sure you will want to spend tons of time back there! :)

Anonymous,  7/20/2011  

Looks great! Bringing in some color made a big difference!

Elisa @ The Self Life 7/20/2011  

Looks awesome! So bright yet so relaxing...

hollyG 7/20/2011  

What an awesome job - see what the beautiful color did for your patio!! Enjoy it!! (Love that your hubby is all about the spray paint)

Ashley@ 7/20/2011  

LOVE what you've done with your patio area! I looks so bright, warm, and inviting now!!! Time to have a party/wine night for sure! :)

Ashley 7/20/2011  

It's so pretty all perked up now! What an effect some plants and the daybed has!

Ali Richardson 7/20/2011  

WOW! So so great! I love how it all turned out :)

Stitchfork 7/20/2011  

Pretty and ready to party now! Great job!
xo Cathy

Denyse@Crazy Beautiful Life 7/20/2011  

I think you did a great job with your patio...The pink of the bougainvilleas really makes it warm and inviting :)

Amy 7/20/2011  

That is quite an amazing difference. Looks great!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot 7/20/2011  

You really did a good job with what you had. Love the bench and the tables-- I think it's perfect.
I'm sure the party was a hit and everyone loved it.

Kate@TwentySixToLife 7/21/2011  

HUGE difference! Great job. I love the west elm day bed.

Radhika 7/21/2011  

Love the daybed and the bouganvilla flowers remind me of my hometown.(goa, India)

At The Picket Fence 7/21/2011  

Incredible!! What an amazing transformation you made to your patio and I just love the day bed outside. Fabulous job! :-)

sarajane 7/21/2011  

Oh, to have a day bed outside! Perfect for my lounge-y kiddos. Will have to think of a way to DIY this.

Shelley 7/22/2011  

Oh my goodness this is so gorgeous! I wish this was my backyard :D

Christine 7/22/2011  

Its beautiful! I have been slowly fixing my yard but it is just too darn hot to be spending time out there!!

Penny Hanuszak 7/23/2011  

What an amazing transformation you've made! Bit by bit your dream will come true, and over time it will evolve. We transformed our junk filled, weed infested back yard into a gorgeous little fenced in hideaway with plants and a water feature that we love to use and entertain in. Such fun and so enjoyable. Behr concrete paint fixed all the flaws in our old slab and turned it into a teracotta wonder. Amazing! Have fun. 7/23/2011  

Hi, I've just popped over from Funky Junk, wow do I love your transformation. Have you thought about maybe a discount market umbrella for some shade - or one of those temporary pergolas? Anyway - I wish it was my yard too, great job!

Suzy xxx

Crystal @ Ordinary Days 7/23/2011  

Looks great! Love all the color. I'm sure it was worth all of that hard work. Love your husband's spray paint comment! LOL

Kricia Palmer 7/24/2011  

Great transformation! I'm in the (slow) process of doing my own back porch makeover, too. Love your use of the West Elm couch! I'm over from The Shabby Nest and am now following you!

Anonymous,  7/25/2011  

Boy! Your backyard and patio clean up nice for a party ;o) Beautiful redo - the blue sofa bench just pops such a beautiful color! Hope it was fun!

Hi - am visiting from the hop - nice to meet you!

AM your Newest Follower, too!

Hope you're still enjoying the "new" backyard!

Happy Monday-
beachside cottage

Fanchy 7/26/2011  

Beautiful! I need to fix up my own backyard and you've given me wonderful ideas!

❀ⒹⒺⒺ❀ 7/26/2011  

I love the difference you made. The patio is beautiful!


Bri@Meyouandawiener 7/26/2011  

Gurl the backyard looks nice! Daybed is a great idea!

Tres Chere 8/12/2011  

Your backyard is super cute. Love the transformation! We are your newest followers!

Angela & Debbie

Garden Furniture Specialists 9/17/2012  

That backyard is a beauty! And the garden furniture? Superb!

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