Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Driveway Update

Our driveway has been in a pretty sorry state since the day we bought our house.  We've had a driveway plan of how we are going to redo it, but you know how life gets in the way sometimes.  The previous owners of the house had an old truck and an old boat on the driveway...permanently.  It fits two cars, but I hate when my husband blocks me in, so he parks on the patch of grass next to my car.  Here's our old, cracked asphalt driveway.  Pretty isn't she?
Here are some holes and cracks.  The edges are all broken up and uneven.
Here are some grease spots (previous owners) and a huge hole caused by the roots of our giant oak tree. 
I was going to take on painting it.  I asked my husband for his help and he suggested we call the handyman. I happily obliged.  They filled in the holes with bags of asphalt/gravel, and then painted the asphalt with asphalt paint (or whatever it is).  They were kind of limited on what they could do.  The driveway was that bad.  I'm seeing it as a temporary fix.  Here you can see it in its dark grey/black glory.  Pardon the stain in the middle. It had rained earlier that day and I didn't want to hose it down, which would delay my picture taking.
We have a small area under the window that was basically just a patch of dirt and some liriopes.  We planted some new plants (I can't remember the name, but the leaves have yellow in it, which I thought was perfect with our door).
I bought bags and bags of white rocks to add to the area.  I have never really used rocks in my planters, but I thought it could look nice next to the asphalt.  I'm kind of really liking it.  It looks clean and modern.
I probably need a couple more bags of rocks, but they are pretty heavy and it was all me.  I know most people aren't really working on planting and gardening at this time of year, but we aren't expecting snow in South Florida this winter :) So I think we are OK. 

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jeanette from everton terrace 9/27/2011  

It looks like new again. That would have been quite a job to tackle by yourself. I also like rocks mixed in with my plants. I even put rocks on the top of the soil in my houseplants - just finishes them off I think. Here in Phoenix, we are also just starting our planting season. Everything dies in the summer.

Ali Richardson 9/27/2011  

Waaaaaaay better! Love the rocks too :)

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} 9/27/2011  

It looks so much better! Sometimes it's best to call the handyman. :) The rocks look great in the flower bed!

Silver Strands 9/27/2011  

Just found you through Jeanette's blog ... enjoyed scrolling through yours! Have a great night.

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