Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some Pictures of Our Newly Painted House

I'm still trying to recover from a fantastic weekend.  A group of 6 of us went on a girls trip this weekend to Orlando, Florida.  The group Erasure was playing at the House of Blues on Friday night and we used to love them in high school.  We had a blast. We spent all day Saturday shopping.  It was a total girls weekend.  I was beat yesterday.  Even as tired as I was, I got out to Michael's to start working on my fall wreath for my new yellow front door.  Here's a photo of our house below. The bench and pillow are what started this whole curb appeal project. The house was not bad, just bland and much in need of some plant grooming and excitement.  We had changed the light fixtures a few years ago and the house numbers to stainless steel ones.  The ceiling in the porch had never been stained and the door had been stained by us a dark brown.  It just read boring. The color here looks whiter than in person. It was a light beige that actually seemed washed out.
Here it is all painted and pretty.  We had the columns painted grey, the walls white, and the door bright yellow.  (I hazed out our house numbers, but they match the lights.)  I had just hosed down the porch and realized that I should be taking pictures of our newly painted house, so pardon the wet, shiny floors. You can see the wood ceiling was stained to match the fascia boards.
So you all know, there's this thing that happens with me often.  I find something I love (the bench in this case) and it catapults into a million projects and a million dollars (well, not that much, but it sure feels like it).   I've now decided I want to:

Replace the ugly brown tile
Replace our wooden walkway
Add lights along the wooden walkway
Replace the non functioning fan in the porch with some kind of light fixture
Redo our driveway (for now repaint asphalt)
Replace our windows
Replace our haphazard and random landscaping to the left of our house
Add mulch or pine bark
Manicure ferns under the oak tree
Get a new mailbox
Replace pots on our porch (already working on this)
Reinstall garden lights to light up the trees, especially the oak
New mat for the porch (working on this)
Paint doorknob and lock
Make a wreath for the front door (supplies purchased)
Fix the pond (our cleaning lady filled it with dirt and leaves, it's a disgusting mess)

And...all this without spending a lot. I love it.  If only my husband liked DIY as much as I do. :(


Melz 9/07/2011  

Love IT! Nice change!!

Cassie Bustamante 9/07/2011  

OH WOW! love it so much!!! the combo is perfect and suits you!

Jae 9/07/2011  

Love the color combo. Love your yellow door!

Maury @ Life on Mars 9/07/2011  

Love the yellow door! It's the perfect shade of yellow.

Ashley 9/07/2011  

Fabulous change! So inviting!!

Tara Lauren 9/07/2011  

That yellow door is FABULOUS!

Stitchfork 9/07/2011  

Fun time away and the paint looks great! Love the yellow door! And never ceases to amaze me how one project can snowball into a gazillion others...
xo Cathy

Suzy-Q 9/07/2011  

Beautiful yellow door and it adds so much to your porch! I do the project leads to another...leads to another...and so on. Then my hubby wants to strangle me! ;-)

Ali Richardson 9/07/2011  

WOW!!!! It is stunning! I love it so much!! It looks like a house from a magazine :)

Olga Torres,  9/07/2011  

Fabulous!! Love how modern and inviting the colors made the house.

Unknown 9/16/2011  

Gorg! love how the ceiling matches the fascia. Very cool!

Dropping by from Tatertots and Jello.

Doreen Grace 9/16/2011  

Wow! This looks great - and I kind of like the brown tiles too. :)

Jenni 9/17/2011  

Oh, it all looks beautiful! I love how you stained the bead board porch ceiling and that yellow door is gorgeous! I love it combined with the gray house paint, too! :)

I hope you are having a lovely weekend!


Gwen@theboldabode 9/17/2011  

I know how you feel! I really have been wanting to paint our exterior door, but I am SO afraid there will be a HUGE snowball effect. The columns will need painting, the beds need edging, the shrubs need replacing...ARGH! Needless to say, the door is staying brown for a while longer. Love the yellow!

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum} 9/19/2011  

LOVE the yellow door!

Brandi 9/23/2011  

beautiful! i love your yellow door! so bright and cheery. i just noticed your house matches your blog!

Norbert Floth 1/10/2012  

I've painted my house white since a friend told me that white paint can also help the house look more fresh and clean. I love the yellow door! It's very fun and inviting. The wood ceiling, indeed, matched the fascia boards. Great job! :)

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