Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Weekend!

We are seeing my little sister (well, 29 year old, little sister) off to Paris this evening.  I have very mixed emotions about this.  I'm excited and proud of her doing this for 3-6 months, but yet, so sad that I won't be seeing and texting her on a daily basis.  Knowing she's not here, is not easy.  My oldest sister has lived in New York for about 10 years, I can't handle another sister moving away.  For the next few months, I will be the favorite aunt (only present aunt) to my niece and nephew. I get them all to myself, wink, wink.  I will give you all more details on my sister's move later's exciting.  I'm hoping to distract myself by making a new fall wreath this weekend.  Maybe something slightly as cute as this one.

For now, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 


Cassie Bustamante 9/16/2011  

have fun seeing your sis off! ask if she can squeeze me in her bag! :)
happy weekend, friend!

Lisa @ Turning Tables 9/18/2011  

I love that wreath! I hope you're hanging in there without your sister. Sisters are the best!

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