Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adventures in Paris

My sister Ivette moved to Paris for 3, maybe 6 months on Friday.  It was a bold move and I am so proud of her.  She will be chronicling her adventures in Paris on her new blog...
She will be writing a book about  what got her to make this move. I'm so excited for her and I can't wait to see her discover this city.  I know Paris meant so much to me...twice.  The first time I went, was with a group of 6 girls/friends.  It was my first time in Europe and I was so excited.   I remember walking through the Louvre, right past the Mona Lisa into the next room.  I looked up at the ceiling and I was moved.  I realized at that moment, that there was so much more to life. So much I had to discover. I wanted to travel more, be stronger, and discover the world.  A short time later, I met Mr. J and he knew my story.  He knew how much I loved that city.  When we bought our house, I remember I would ask him, What's up, and he would say You're Up, and I would always say... Paris, Rome, etc.  It was our running line.  Well, a few months later, he took me on a surprise trip (literally told me on a Friday to pack a bag for the following Wednesday).  He took me to Paris and asked me to marry him.  What a city...

I hope she can be as moved as I was..well, hopefully she doesn't come back engaged to a french guy and decide to stay there.  I love that we will be able to follow her journey on her new blog.  Head over there and say hi!


Cassie Bustamante 9/20/2011  

that is so fabulous! i wish her all the best!

Swirls of Happy 9/20/2011  

How fun! What a great adventure.


Lisa @ Turning Tables 9/20/2011  

That story is seriously adorable. Yay for Paris. I hope to make it there sometime soon myself. I look forward to reading more about your sisters adventures :)

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