Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dream Driveway

Ever since we bought our house, we've been wanting to replace our torn up asphalt driveway.  Since that's not going to happen anytime soon, I might as well dream.  We'd like to do something like this.  Concrete pavers with grass in between.  You can see it here in a traditional type setting. 

Here, at the bottom right, you can see kind of what we would love to have.  It feels more modern in this picture.  We have a pretty large front yard and have always loved the idea of making the driveway side feel like a courtyard.  We wouldn't really do a circular driveway, because we love the expanse of grass we have in our front yard. 
Since this is not happening anytime soon, I went to Home Depot yesterday and bought a tank of Asphalt repair paint (or whatever it is).  If I can convince my husband to help me, yay, if not I'm calling the handyman. 


Connie @ Salvage Savvy 9/08/2011  

What a gorgeous driveway [hey, those aren't two words often used together!] :)

jeanette from everton terrace 9/08/2011  

I also love love pavers like this. We live in the desert and decided to be more environmentally friendly and not do grass lawns, just a couple patches in the back for our dogs (who are gone now) so I have the pavers with rock in between. Not quite the same dramatic look but still I love them :)

Chiot's Run 9/12/2011  

Love this idea - we have gravel and I want to keep it for $ and environmental reasons. I'm thinking of trying to grow a strip of lawn in the middle and maybe transition to a patio that's like this with pavers & strips of grass. Certainly gets the ideas flowing!

James Thurlow,  4/21/2013  

What a fantastic idea for a driveway

James Thurlow,  4/21/2013  

What a fantastic idea for a driveway

Rebecca A. Maynard 1/11/2018  

And there you have it — the master plan for 2014. We'll be starting seeds just as soon as I get them, and I'll share the inventory of varieties we chose for this year when the package finally arrives. It's hard to imagine when the wind chill right now is only 6 degrees, but it's just about time to get growing!
lattice fence

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