Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Simple Frame Redo

I hope you had a great, long weekend. We had a pretty quiet one, my husband was feeling pretty sick most of Saturday and all day Sunday. I was so lazy with him, I couldn't even get things done around the house.  You know those times when you are just bumming so bad, the thought of unloading the dishwasher is daunting...that was me this weekend.  I have a super easy and quick makeover for you today.  I found this print at the Faith Farm thrift store a couple of weeks ago for about $2.00.  I thought it would be another cute addition to my sister's gallery wall.  The frame was a little too gold for her liking.
Nothing a little white spray paint can't fix.
It has such soft colors and the bird is so cute.  I'm loving being my sisters personal shopper.  I get to shop on someone else's tab.  I will be spending my day at my other sister's house (sister #3), attempting to paint a rug. Wish us luck.  I foresee 2 little helpers, ages 3 and 1 1/2 wanting to paint, it could get interesting.  How do you entertain little helpers when you are working on a project?


Ali Richardson 7/05/2011  

Tv and snacks usually does the trick for me (of course, the more unhealthy the snack, the longer it keeps them entertained. Ha ha).

Anonymous,  7/05/2011  

pic is adorable and frame looks great! we had lazy day too.. feels good to bum around once in a while. :)

Katie Waddell 7/14/2011  

Just saw this post and about died!! I just found two VERY similar prints at my local Goodwill...chinoiserie/bird/flowers...about the same size in brass frames. Guess what I did with them?? Yup, spray painted the frames white. Great minds think alike I guess! ;) Love your blog!!!!

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