Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Loving White

I was taking a look at my Pinterest 'Rooms I love' boards last night, and I noticed a trend. It was not intentional, I think it's just what I am drawn to. It's something I've noticed in my own life, home, and even the car I drive, I LOVE white.  Almost every room I've pinned, the walls are some shade of white.  Some are stark white, others have a light grey undertone, but any way it is, I love it. 
I will be having a handyman working at my house for the next few days.  Nothing pretty or exciting, just a bunch of maintenance that my husband just doesn't want to take care of on the weekends.  I'll post pictures soon. Oh, wait one exciting thing, our guest bedroom will be getting a coat of the lightest, almost white, grey today. Can I have a handyman on staff, that would be the day.


Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys 7/12/2011  

I love white too. I'm in the process of having all my walls painted an almost white color. I'm afraid of gray for fear of it looking muddy though.

Elle The Heiress 7/12/2011  

I love the looks of white rooms in magazines or online, but when it comes to my own house I do not like it. I prefer lots of color.

Anonymous,  7/12/2011  

Yep, me too. I feel hard for white a few years ago and it never left. This is the first place I've lived where I have no color on the walls and I can't imagine ever wanting anything different. I attributed it to living in a hot climate but I think I just like how everything looks with it :)

jeanette from everton terrace

rachel @ Just a Touch of Gray 7/12/2011  

I am totally with you on the white and grey rooms! There is just something about them that draws me in! That bathroom photo is gorgeous!

Hope you love the guest room paint color! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Anonymous,  7/12/2011  

so with ya sista! my hubs was just making fun of me.. cause used to, i hated white 'boxes' as i called them. told him, "umm hun, that was 25 years ago! and i've matured in my design style since the 80s!!" so bring on the white!

Rosemary@villabarnes 7/12/2011  

Beautiful rooms. Thanks for sharing. So glad you're my friend on FB. I've been by your blog before. I'm a follower now. Looking forward to seeing your guest room.

Two Thirty Five Designs 7/12/2011  

LOVE LOVE LOVE everything!! I don't even know where to begin on this...from the ceiling to the floors, amazing!
EXACTLY how my boards are ;) I looked at it this week and realized there was hardly any color!

Holly Gruszka 7/18/2011  

I can relate to this. My hubby is slowly learning more and more, but for the most part we need to hire out all of our jobs. It's so exciting to see the jobs when they're done though, isn't it?

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