Tuesday, February 22, 2011

$10 Upholstered Headboard - Check it out

I just had to post again today because everyday I am more amazed at the things that I am finding out there in this world of blogs. I have found the community of bloggers to be such a talented and kind group of people.  Blogging has become such a positive and fun experience for me.  I find myself striving to be more creative and in this, finding a whole new side of me. It's been such positive experience and I can't thank you all enough. In the midst of personal struggles, I have found a creative outlet for myself. 

So let me introduce you to Margaret from Sugar & Spackle.  She has just outdone herself today. She made a 'temporary' upholstered headboard for her rental home for $10 using poster boards, yes, your read that right, poster boards.  I'm a lover of upholstered headboards ever since I made mine.  You have to go check this one out. It's so fresh looking. I love it.
Thanks for the inspiration Margaret. 


Margaret 2/22/2011  

Thank you! Haha, I was getting just so sick of those blank walls! I'm so flattered!! Glad I could give you back some of that inspiration that I come to you for!


Unknown 2/22/2011  

$10??? Oh my God, I'm heading to Margaret's Blog! Have a lovely day J! XoXo

Danika Herrick 2/22/2011  

Holy cow! That is a record! Can't wait so see!
Thanks for sharing.

Amy 2/22/2011  

Thanks for the posts about the headboard. I am amping up to try that in my bedroom and am continually looking for some tutorials. Love it!

LBB 2/22/2011  

I have to check it out! $10? My kind of project :)

A Vintage Vine 2/22/2011  

I'm in the market for a new headboard and I'm thinking about a DIY one....yours is awesome...Thanks to Margaret too...you guys gave me some inspiration!!!

Elle Uy 2/24/2011  

You got that right, blogging is really a great way to be always inspired! and that headboard looks awesome! ;)

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