Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mid Century Regrets

Our table was actually given to us by one of my best friends. Her mom had gotten it from a friend who was getting rid of it.  It didn't match the style of her house so they put it in their backyard and used it as a place to paint their baseboards. I never got a before picture, this was years before I even knew what a blog was.  Here it is in the process of getting fixed.
I stripped the varnish and baseboard streaks first.  Then I spent hours, no, I mean weeks sanding the chairs and table.  While the guys were working on building me a house, I sanded and sanded. I convinced my dad to help me a bit in between putting up walls.  It was very tedious work. 
I was about 75% done and I gave up. I was beat.  My hands were destroyed and the little help I had gotten had waned.  So my in-laws lovingly found us a little old man that would be able to finish it for us.  It was actually our first Christmas present as a married couple. We are/were so grateful.   
Six to seven years ago when we started decorating our house, I wanted everything espresso/mocha color. So we did just that, to this beautiful danish mid century table.  I've loved it for all these years, but my style has changed.  I would love it back in it's original glory.  I've mentioned it to my husband, but I'm not sure if he will go for it.  What would you do?  It is in perfect condition and it's not that I don't love the color, I just feel it takes away from the style of the table.


Kim@Chattafabulous 2/03/2011  

Sanding is the worst task ever! I don't even know how you could sand enough to remove the dark stain -keep us posted and good luck!

Kellie Collis 2/03/2011  

It looks so good now in a dark color. But I'm excited about what you're planning for it next. Enjoy the day, Kellie xx

Anonymous,  2/03/2011  

have you considered maybe just changing the seat fabric? that could make all the difference in the world! the dark is stunning, and in my humble opinion, shows the lines beautifully! {probably just a fresh eye on it, that's all} nate berkus took a flocatti rug, and recovered a cane chair. { } and the transformation was amazing! not everyone's taste.. but gives you an example of how the seat cover can change the look of the entire ensemble.
good luck with whichever way you decide to go! it's a very beautiful dining set. :) -tracie

Tara Lauren 2/03/2011  

It can be done - but it might a hell of a task!

I say give it a shot!

Margaret 2/03/2011  

I totally get it. When I'm done with a big project, the last thing I want to do is think about EVER having to do that again. Would you do it yourself or get someone to help you with it?

Also, if you do decide to tackle it, I picked up Minwax's "Antique Furniture Finish Remover" from Home Depot because I was intrigued. I just used it on a small spot of one of my projects to see how it worked, and... it came off, but you have to work in VERY small areas and it is NASTY stuff. Wear goggles and long sleeves and gloves.

Good Luck!


jeanette from everton terrace 2/03/2011  

Oh gosh, BIG job. It does look lovely as is and what an awesome set - lucky you. I think, if you are up to it, it would be even more fabulous in it's "original glory" but still, looks great now.

Unknown 2/03/2011  

I like the way it is now, maybe you just need to change the seat fabric?

Mindie Hilton 2/03/2011  

I have been there and done that with stripping paint it is not much fun. Your table is beautiful as it is. I have never used these new crackle paints that make things look old and antiqued but that might be an easier alternative since you could probably just paint over the old paint. It looks lovely now but I am like you, change is always fun.

OLD BRAND NEW 2/03/2011  

I also would love to see it back in it's original wood grain but it looks like a tough job. Maybe you can get the same, little old man to help? Or paint it another color, white or black-black? I think reupholstering the seats will be a nice touch too. Have fun whatever you decide to do!

Mary Ann Pickett 2/03/2011  

That is a tough one. Mid-century Danish should be medium brown. I like it dark...not true to form. So I am no help.
Mary Ann

mary 2/04/2011  

LOVELY set! You have sooo many options! I don't necessarily think you need to go nuts on the sanding if you use a good primer and repaint 3 coats or so. Also see if you can find some inspiring fabric for the seat cushions tp pick your color pallate, they are super easy to remove and recover with a staple gun! Or do the chairs in 1 color and leave the table as is? So many options! Cannot wait to see which path you take! Loves your blog! xox!

Rashon Carraway 2/04/2011  

I love black. It looks great as it is. However, if you want a temporary change, try the chaing the fabrics on the seat cushions and see how you like that.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Unknown 2/04/2011  

I love the medium tone you usually see with mid-century pieces and I'd love to see this back to it's original form. I think you're right the dark color does take away from the style. Sanding is my absolute least favorite thing to do so I would be hesitant too!

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