Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Master Bedroom Before

When we bought our house 7 years ago, we thought the Master bedroom would be a temporary one. The plans were to build a Master Suite after a few years. Those plans changed due to unforeseen expenses and a terrible economy.  When we bought the house it was in disgusting shape.  Our bedroom is the original 1955 Master bedroom of the house. The green floral wallpaper was actually glued on wood panels on some of the walls.  We discovered this as we scoured the walls getting them ready to remove the paper.  One wall had a Formica slab and the terrazzo floors were badly stained.  This room was not carpeted or tiled.  This was THEIR floor.
Notice the window treatments/shutters.  They are half painted.  This was not done by us, this is how these people lived.
I don't have pictures of our room from when we first moved in.  We painted a mustard yellow and our bed linens were shades of white and off white.  The pictures below are the ones we used when we sold our bedroom furniture on Craigslist to make room for our Ikea Pax Wardrobe.  You can see the closet without the doors installed.  This furniture belonged to my husband before we were married. It was in excellent condition, but too big for the room. 
Last Valentine's, my husband was in Spain for an 8 day business trip. I decided to fix up our room a bit.  I bought these velvet striped curtains at Target, the furry throw from Target online, and my $90 hamper from CB2.  I was pretty happy with how the room looked, until my New Year's post, when I realized everything was grey. 
I've been working on adding some color and accessories to the room.  I may even attempt to make some throw pillows myself, well, with my mom's help. Lighting is an issue in this room.  Remember, that closet is covering an East facing window and the other one you see there, is a 6 foot window that is almost completely covered.  Yea, I know. Lucky for us, we like to sleep in total darkness. I will post pictures of our completed room next week, if I can get the pillows done.


KLM 2/17/2011  

Wow you have really transformed the room and gave it new life. The before photos are just It's crazy some of the things people do with their homes, from the past. Makes you wonder 'What were they thinking!?'.

Amber B (Simple Dwellings) 2/17/2011  

I can't wait to see the changes you made! It looks great so far. What an amazing transformation. :)

jeanette from everton terrace 2/17/2011  

Remarkable transformation. I would kill for terrazzo floors. We wanted them when we did our remodel but found they were the most expensive thing going. Went with maple which is lovely but still I long for the terrazzo.

Anonymous,  2/17/2011  

now that is some {before} shot! you've done an amazing job transforming the space.. can't wait to see the updates!

Ali Richardson 2/17/2011  

Those before shots are SCARY! Looks great now though, can't wait to see more :)

LBB 2/17/2011  

You've done a great job! Those before pics were pretty scary! Can't wait to see what else you do with it.

~K @ VintageSkye 2/18/2011  

You did a wonderful job on the redo!

Elle Uy 2/19/2011  

Great transformation! Any touch of fun colors will be enough to brighten up the space. Gray is always a great background for bright colors. :) Looking forward to the final reveal.

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