Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stenciling Away

We started working on my youngest sisters wall stenciling over the summer. I think this has been the longest, slowest project ever.  Stenciling takes a lot of time. It's not the actual work, it's letting the stencil dry in between. Basically, you stencil, wipe the back, hang it on the fan to dry quicker, and sit there counting how many more you have to do.  It takes hours...but it's worth it.  We bought the stencil from Royal Design Studio.  
This was our first square.  As we were driving over there, I was envisioning the wall about three times the size.  With that being said, the wall is big, but luckily not three times what I thought.
When we got there yesterday after work, this is what we had.  It's gorgeous.
We worked for five hours last night. I would say we are 90% done.  It's taken us 3 sessions so far.  I'll give you more details later, but I'm too tired to think.  We questioned a few times if it was worth paying the $1,000 for wallpaper.  I think we made the right choice.  Now, I have to go to work and be alert, ayy.


Dragonfliez Made 8/23/2011  

That is Gorgeous!! What are the colors you are using?

Anna@Directions Not Included 8/23/2011  

You guys made great progress! What are the paint colors? I love that gray.

Elisa 8/23/2011  

Wow that looks good! Time consuming but WORTH it!

Kasey @ Little Brick House 8/23/2011  

Holy hard work bat man!

Looking good, can't wait to see it all finished :)

Gloria @ A Little Paint 8/23/2011  

I HATE being at the 90% mark. It's then that I start to convince myself that maybe I like it better "unfinished" or I start to move furniture back in "just to see what it will look like" which makes it difficult to finish. I think the wall is looking amazing and I can't wait to see it all done!

Cassie Bustamante 8/23/2011  

it will sooooo be worth it- it is looking gorgeous!

Maury @ Life on Mars 8/23/2011  

Oh my gosh, you're awesome! I happen to have just bought this stencil and got it in the mail last week. Then i started second guessing myself that it was too busy, but seeing your wall I'm so relieved! It's gorgeous. I can't wait!

Unknown 8/23/2011  

It's already looking so great! You will be so proud when it's all done!

Margaret 9/01/2011  

Oh my Lord- what a job. You're a great sister!! It's going to look Ah-mazing when it's done!
When it's finished link up to my link party T.G.I.F. (Thank God I'm Finished)! (very appropriate name for this, no?) haha

Margaret @ RummageLiving

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