Thursday, August 25, 2011

Routine, Bleh

I'm still tyring to juggle going back to work, working out, blogging, working on projects, and actually keeping my house in decent shape. I'm not sure why, but my house is suffering the's a mess, laundry not done, dishes in sink.   I find myself hitting the bed hard every night.  I was walking down the halls of school yesterday and I felt like I had never left.  Like those 2 1/2 months off never happened.  I saw this image on Pinterest the other day and I'm feeling the need to go sit in that field with some wine and enjoy the fall air.  
Enjoy your day!


Kim@Chattafabulous 8/25/2011  

Having it all is not an easy thing. I have been feeling the same way lately . Maybe once we get back into the routine we'll feel better?

Kasey 8/25/2011  

This is me everyday lol. Trying to balance life between work, working out, cleaning, and working on projects. I used to feel bad when I would find myself in bed at 9PM but ive learned to just go with it and take each day as it is :)

Unknown 8/25/2011  

I hear ya, friend.

Jodie 8/25/2011  

Hang in there girll!

Anna@Directions Not Included 8/25/2011  

Let's go! I'm headed out to San Francisco on Monday for work but I am highly tempted to run off to wine country and never come back...too bad that will never happen.

Hang in there.

Elle The Heiress 8/25/2011  

Finding balance is so hard when you're juggling so many things. What's worked for me with keeping the house clean is a realistic scheduling.

For instance, I do a deep clean of the living room every third Monday. Of course, between then I still pick up and keep it tidy, but it's unrealistic for me to be able to wash the walls and vacuum/mop the floors, etc. more than every third Monday.

I also find that by doing it every three weeks (instead of just whenever) the task becomes more manageable. It used to take me a whole day to deep clean the living room, but now I can get it done in less than two hours. Doing it often means less time having to scrub at spots that have been there for who knows how long.

Dwellings by DeVore 8/25/2011  

I feel ya! I'm struggling a bit with that myself.

Ali Richardson 8/25/2011  

Oooh, that picture looks dreamy!!! Hang in there :)

Unknown 8/26/2011  

I wish you the best of luck to get to where you feel more in control. I too have been struggling with all of this. Everyday I accomplish a good cleanup and by the time I wake up... I'm back to to square one. I think that when my kids return to school I may be able to get back to a manageable routine.

I think it's funny that I read all of these lovely blogs with rooms and furnishings to drool over... I feel so inspired to go DO... until I get off of the computer.

I'm with ya on that Vacation!

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