Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to the Routine

It's over, my summer that is.  Today, I officially report back to school.  I've enjoyed my summer immensely. Spending carefree days with my mom, sister, and her two kids.  No schedules, no agendas, no meetings, no getting up in the morning...nothing. I love the freedom of summer, the texts "what's our plan for today?", and just having the ability to disconnect from reality for a couple of months. I realize that I have a job that allows me to do this, for that I am blessed.  Now, when I start complaining about going back, I realize I get no sympathy from my year round friends.  I was there, until about 3 years ago that they cut School Psychologists to 10 months.  That was the happiest day of my life (well, other than my wedding, the day of my nieces and nephews births, the...you get the idea). 

So I sit here about to start my day and I realize that my life goes in school years, that I am allowed a fresh start every August, and that the year is what I make of it.  Last year was my most difficult professional year yet, that's not bad for ten years of working.  I hope this year is a better, nothing can beat the trauma of last year.  So now, it's time to get out of my shorts, put on make up, and work clothes and get this year going.  I am a creature of habit, I crave routine, this is not saying that I am looking forward to getting back to work (for those of you who know me, know that these words will never come out of my mouth), but I am looking forward to my routine.  Getting back to blogging regularly, getting my life in order, and then needing summer to come around again so bad. It happens every year, routines are boring.  But for now, I need it.

Trying to get myself in the spirit of BACK TO SCHOOL, I've decided to fix up one of my offices a bit. In my base school, I have an office (it's also a storage room, but I will ignore that side of the room). I've had the same bulletin board for 6 years.  Actually, it was already there when I got there, I just changed out the inside. I left the white paper and the children of the world border that someone before me had put up.  I also have a certificate thanking me from 2007, yes, my friends 2007.  Either, I've gotten no certificates of thanks since, or I've been to damn lazy to change my bulletin board.  Well, that's about to change.  Fresh start my friends, I need it this year.  I bought a coral, grey, and white fabric for the board, a white border, and grey paper to line what I put up.  I know, I know, tell me how cute that is.  I printed out the name of our school using this alphabet bunting printable to place over my bulletin board.
 I printed this cute bird from free printable art.
The above printables were found via How About Orange, which is a site full of adorable free printables. The Back to School printable below is by Sweet Coconut Lime and I printed this one too.
I'm still coming up with ideas, but my time is now limited.  Remember, I work now. Ugh. 


Kasey @ Little Brick House 8/16/2011  

Fresh start. That's exactly how I look at the end of Summer. It's almost like the 'new year'. Kids go back to school, seasons change... Granted I work all year long, but even without a 'traditional' Summer vacation, it still feels like a fresh start :)

Cassie Bustamante 8/16/2011  

i printed the same pink and orange bird!!!!! when we put the house on the market i covered our whole family photo galelry wall with free printables so i didn't have to take down all the frames and patch and paint! :)

jeanette from everton terrace 8/16/2011  

Just changing your routine or surroundings a little bit is a great idea to put a little spring in your step. A new school year always hold such promise. Hope this one is much better for you :)

Kristin Miracle Lewis @ west on cole 8/16/2011  

Welcome back to the real world. Hope you had a great summer. I love your alphabet bunting..I'm heading off to print it now!

Dara M. 8/16/2011  

please please take some pictures if you can. I would love to see how it all came out. I love to look at "fresh starts"! Best of luck w/ this school year!

Ali Richardson 8/16/2011  

Happy back-to-the grind!!! Can't wait to see pics of your new bulletin boad :)

Cristi O.,  8/17/2011  

I can sooooo relate to this post...my life goes in school years as well. I actually make myself "new school year resolutions" at the start of every year. It helps to keep me in check :) I hope to see you soon, my friend!

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