Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Home

We bought our house 7 years ago on a whim.  J and I weren't really looking, actually, we weren't even engaged yet.  He asked me to drive by this house that had a bigger than average size lot for our area.  I drove by a couple of times, but always kept driving.  You see, it was quite a dump.  There were a few old boats on the property, some old cars, and an old looking house.  We finally decided to call the realtor and take a look.  The house really was a dump, but it had these beautiful wood beam ceilings, a huge oak tree out front, and an even bigger Royal Poinciana (that happened to be in bloom)  outback.  The backyard was worse than the front.  I think we counted 6 old boats, a welding machine on the patio, 2 sheds, and an area towards the back of the lot where the owner had put up a makeshift tarp with electrical cords running across the yard. This is where he listened to the radio drinking his Old Milwaukee. 

Let's buy it!  Everyone, including ourselves, thought we had lost it.  My dad, not even concerned about the house, was more worried there wasn't a ring on my finger and we were buying a house together.  J reassured him that the house needed plenty of work and not to worry.  Well, a whole year later, still no kitchen and plenty more to do, we walked down the aisle and stayed at our house on our wedding night.  We were so excited. 

So here we are, 6 years married, with plenty more to do.  We did most of the construction work before moving in, a lot more while living here, and still have a list of things I'd like to get done.  My decorating style has evolved over the years, with one thing staying consistent, I love simple, modern design.  As of recent, I have started liking a bit more of the eclectic, vintage, mid-century type design.  I also love a great find and seeing what I could do with it.  Through this blog, I hope to share the evolution of our house, the evolution of my design style, and of our family.  Thanks for reading!


Unknown 9/21/2010  

I cannot wait to follow and see how your home has evolved! xx

jandjhome 9/22/2010  

Thanks Sarah! Thanks for the support and my very first comment ever!

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