Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Family Room

Our family room has definitely changed in the last 6 years.  I want to give you an idea of what we were working with when we bought the house.

Everything was brown, the floor, the wood paneling (notice the patch job in the second picture), and the great wood beam ceilings. 

We got rid of everything, the paneling, the tile, the jalacy windows, even the fireplace.  We did a lot of the work ourselves, including building up the walls.  Thanks to both our fathers and lots of great friends and family we were able to demolish this room.  We installed 4 sets of windows, 3 sets of double french doors (2 where the fireplace was), lighting, marble floors, and air conditioning.  Decorated and here it is. 

We love this room.  It is bright and sunny.  The size of the room is great and our TV hangs on the wall opposite the couches.  We originally had 2 West Elm daybeds, but the white cloth was not husband friendly.  After three years, we bought these couches from Macy's.  We decided to go with 2 full sofas, as we wanted as many people as possible to be able to sit comfortably. 

I'm working on redecorating this room, including painting and upholstering.  More on that later.
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Unknown 4/11/2011  

What an amazing transformation!! I LOVE the style of the house.

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